Ayoze Perez is confident in Newcastle's away form

Ayoze Perez is confident in Newcastle's away form

After picking up four points away from home this week, Perez is certain that Newcastle can use their resolute in their upcoming fixtures.

Katie Mishner

So far in the Championshiptop of the table Newcastle United have exhibited a positive away form. So much so that is betters their current home at the present - collecting 11 wins away from the comfort of St James' Park.

The latest of their away adventures has seen them pick four points throughout the past week. Ayoze Perez was a star performer in collecting a point away at Norwich City and he spoke about his confidence in maintaining a strong away form.

Away games are different

Away fixtures have been a trouble for the Toon in the past. Take last season's top goal scorer, ​Georginio Wijnaldum, who failed to perform or even score outside of St James' Park. Although it is different this season, Perez explained the divergence of home and away matches: “It’s very different when you play at home.

"When you play at home you can play more football because teams defend more than they do at home, they know it’s hard to play at St James," the 23-year-old continued.

Further elaborating on the style of play, the forward said: “They come to do a good job defending and it’s really hard to breakdown.

“Sometimes you cannot control it, especially in England, sometimes the games gets crazy, up and down, so you have to deal with it," the Spaniard elaborated, with a broader focus on the country.

“It is very different, which is why the form away and the form at home is very different," he ultimately concluded.

Replicating form at home

Switching the topic from away to home, where they need to improve, Perez insisted: “We have to fight until the end and show we can do it at home too."

With a slight tint of reflection on the point, he moved forward to the next fixture at St James' Park which will be Aston Villa: “It’s one less game and hopefully three more points at home against Aston Villa, we had our chances and we didn’t take them. It’s a shame but we have to think about Aston Villa.

“A few more days to rest and recover and to be focused on Aston Villa, which is going to be another tough game,” Perez continued.

Newcastle have had some tough matches against Villa in recent memory, one in the Premier League which contributed to the last minute push for survival. Aware of this, Perez said: “They know how to play against us. At home it’s even tougher so we have to deal with it and try to get the points, that’s the important thing."