Watford need to take 'more responsibility', says captain Troy Deeney

Watford need to take 'more responsibility', says captain Troy Deeney

Watford skipper Troy Deeney says there needs to be defensive improvements and the team needs to take responsibility in the 4-3 defeat to Southampton.

Billy Stephenson

Watford suffered a 4-3 home defeat to Southampton on Saturday and captain Troy Deeney has said that there needs to be a lot of improvements in defence before the season comes to an end.

“Disappointed and frustrated”

While speaking to watfordfc.com after the game, Deeney said that the team was both disappointed and frustrated with the 4-3 defeat. He also added “It seems at the minute that we’ve got to score ten to win a game. We don’t seem to defend well as a team at the minute so we need to sort that out.”

Need to take responsibility

Deeney fired the hosts into the lead early on and says that they need to focus on getting a second or third instead of trying to break on the counter attack. “I think we need to take responsibility," Deeney said, before adding, "and look to get a second and third once we take the lead instead of trying to hit them on the counter-attack.”  

Not the first time the Hornets have done this

This is not the first time Watford have started the game with an early goal and then gone on to drop points. Their last game against West Ham saw Deeney score a second minute penalty and then saw André Ayew hit the back of the net late on in the second half.  

“We’ve started two games with early goals now and seem to retreat” said the Watford striker. “We need to press and continue on a positive note.”

Next three games are crucial for Watford

The next three games for Watford are very important and nine points out of nine should be a necessity for the Hornets. They have Crystal Palace, West Brom and the Sunderland who are teams Watford should be getting wins from and this could determine if the Hornets secure safety for another season.