Wagner celebrates new Huddersfield 'legends'

Wagner celebrates new Huddersfield 'legends'

David Wagner was in jubilant mood after winning promotion to the Premier League, hailing his players as new club legends

Sam France

Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner insists that thoughts of personal glory haven't entered his head despite leading his side to the Premier League with a play-off victory over Reading.

120 goalless minutes were played out at Wembley before a topsy-turvy penalty shoot-out eventually saw Christopher Schindler bag the winning goal in front of the Terriers' travelling fans.

But, when asked about his new-found status as a Premier League manager, Wagner was happy to mark the day as one of celebration rather than personal adulation.

"I haven't thought about it, to be fair. My personal standing, the standing of individual players or the club, this wasn't in my head and won't come to my head today, today is only for celebration.

"They've done it! I said to the players before the play-offs you are heroes for what you have done. But from hero to zero in football is sometimes only a week. You have the opportunity to become legends and they have done it, they are legends, everyone will remember this group and what they have done."

Summer plans, Smith injury

Wagner was quizzed as to whether he had begun his plans for the new season in advance of promotion being confirmed, but the former Borussia Dortmund number two said that he would have plenty of time to consider the future in the coming weeks.

"This is something that I don't want to think about at the minute. Only what we've done. There will be plenty of time for what is in front of us!"

One downside for the Terriers was the sight of captain Tommy Smith being stretchered from the pitch in the closing minutes of normal time, but Wagner said he did not know the extent of the right-back's injury.

"I haven't spoken with him, but if Tommy goes off the pitch it must be something serious. Hopefully it isn't serious enough that he misses the start of pre-season, but I haven't spoken with him yet."

As the celebrations got underway on the pitch, the Huddersfield supporters were delighted by the sight of Smith hobbling towards them, throwing his crutches to the floor, and celebrating with arms aloft.

Wagner needs time to appreciate feat

"Of course it is special [to be in the Premier League]. We played Manchester City this season in the cup; we had a good cup run this season as well, now I think about it.

"It will be great but I think I will need a few weeks to really feel how great this is. We will prepare for this like we have all season. Huddersfield Town are able to be part of the Premier League."