Huddersfield Town's very own 'Zanka' Claus

Huddersfield Town's very own 'Zanka' Claus

'Zanka' has a little Christmas gesture for the group of Town Fans travelling to Southampton on Saturday

Mollie Firth

Mathias Jørgensen, more commonly known as ‘Zanka’, has bought a drink for all the Huddersfield Town fans visiting St. Mary’s to watch the final game before Christmas against Southampton.

“Amazing Huddersfield fans can have a drink on me”

The Terriers are making a 472-mile round trip at the weekend as they look to continue their goal-scoring ways, after winning two of the last three matches - including their spectacular 4–1 performance against Watford last weekend.

The Huddersfield fans have an away allocation of 2596, and so, this Christmas gesture could cost the Danish International more than £8000, if you consider £3.20 being the approximate price of a pint at the John Smith’s Stadium.

The 27-year-old wrote on Twitter: “#ZankaClaus is coming to Town!," and accompanied this with a video, where he said: “The support this year has been truly amazing therefore I thought I’d think up something special for those of you travelling to Southampton on Saturday. I hope you like the gift. Zanka Claus out.”

The Club then confirmed that all the fans at the Southampton match will be presented with a token, which they can use to redeem a drink at Town’s next home game, which is Stoke City on Boxing Day.

Huddersfield Town is a “Special” Club

Speaking to HTTV, Jørgensen was asked for his reasoning's behind the gesture: “The support we’ve been given has really done a lot for the team, and I thought of ways to give back in the spirit of Christmas, and kind of use that holiday to do something for that fans that are doing that much for us.”

“It’s just to say thank you.”

The interviewer then asked about his relationship with the Club, after joining from FC Copenhagen in the summer: “It’s surprised me a lot. The support we’re getting I was hoping for it to be something like this but couldn’t dream for it to be that good, and I think as well that the response that I’ve been getting on social media and when you’re out in Town and doing things has just been amazing.”

“Particularly from a personal standing point, as from a human standing point, they’re interested in the person and not the football player and I think that’s something special and I think that’s why we hit it off that well together."

Zanka says: “It’s not something you see very often in the Premier League, and I think that’s because we are a Club and community that are tied closely together”, and he believes Town is a “special club."