Mathias Jørgenson: Huddersfield have “no pressure” since they aren't expected to stay up

Mathias ‘Zanka’ Jørgenson previewed the Premier League clash between Huddersfield Town and West Bromwich Albion for the media and discussed the game, the Terrier’s identity and the importance of picking up points before the end of the season.

Huddersfield will “hopefully” finish where they “deserve to be”

The Terriers and The Baggies face a crucial game on Saturday, in which both need the points in their battle for survival. Town are currently three places ahead of their bottom-placed rivals, so they will be looking to extend this gap on Saturday.

Zanka feels that these are the important games which will define their season.

"These are the games you want to play and these are the games people remember at the end of the season,” said the centre- back.

Huddersfield produced a stand- out season performance against Bournemouth last time out, which allowed them to regain their league place outside of the relegation zone, and ‘Zanka’ stated:

“Every goal counts a bit more than it did earlier in the season in a weird way, and it’s always important to get the first goal (if you can) and go out there and play football, but we’ve shown we can turn it around as well this season.”

The ‘Terrier’s Identity’ has become widely known, and David Wagner is always keen to pursue their own style of play out on the pitch.

“We are always focused on our own game and how we can play, not looking at other teams, and we will finish where we deserve to be, hopefully,” he added.

The 27-year-old believes the West Yorkshire side are under no pressure as no one expects them to stay up – with many already saying they were relegated before they’d even kicked a ball at the start of the season.

He said: “I don’t think we have any pressure. We are from an area where people are very humble and honest about situations in their lives and the club. No-one expects us to stay up so that relieves the pressure a bit.”

“We will fight” for the points

With seven points also currently separating them, it would leave the Baggies in a difficult situation if Town were to beat them, and Jørgenson commented: “If you think hypothetically, they would be 10 points below the line and that would be hard to come back from.”

I’m sure Huddersfield will be back by an incredible away support once again, and on the fans he said: “The fans are very humble and I’m sure every supporter will be happy as long as we go out there and try our best.”

‘Zanka’ admits that the team always try and be realistic and look at the bigger picture after games, as he explained: “You can get too high after a win or too low after a defeat. We try to stay stable and take everything as it comes.”

The defender then added: “You know that whatever happens, they (West Brom) will come out and fight for the points they desperately need – and we will fight too.”