Florent Hadergjonaj: Huddersfield
must “work as a team” if they are to be successful against Spurs
Credit: Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA

Florent Hadergjonaj: Huddersfield must “work as a team” if they are to be successful against Spurs

The right- back spoke to the media ahead of Huddersfield Town’s trip to Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

Mollie Firth

Florent Hadergjonaj discussed Wembley Stadium, Saturday’s opponents and the race for survival prior to Huddersfield Town’s trip to the capital to face Tottenham Hotspur.

Both teams are heading into the game after back- to- back league wins, and so they will both want to continue their good momentum on Saturday afternoon.

The Terriers have a "good feeling" about Wembley

Whilst Spurs’ new stadium gets built, Wembley is their home this season, which is a stadium that holds great memories for the Terriers.

It was just last May, where they secured their spot in England’s top flight after 45 years away from it.

When asked what playing at Wembley would mean to him, the Swiss man said: “Yeah, for us it’s a big game, also against a big opponent.”

“But, Wembley – I think a lot of players know or have a very good feeling from Wembley. They got promoted at the last game at Wembley. They have a good feeling,”  he added.

Hadergjonaj then commented: “For me it is a new experience. New stadium. A big stadium. I’m really looking forward to this game.”

When asked if it excites him to play there, the right- back admitted: “Yeah, for sure. We are playing away against Tottenham – it’s a big, strong team.”

“We will try to do our best to get something out of this game,”  he added.


Huddersfield must work as a team and follow the game plan to be successful

Spurs have many good attacking players, with Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen to name just two, and so this could be a very tough game for Town, who lost 4 – 0 in the reverse fixture back in September at the John Smith’s Stadium.

Both Wagner and many of the players have commented that this game was a realisation hit of how tough the Premier League will be.

On this matter, ‘Flo’ said: “They have very, very good offensive players, but also other teams have very good offensive players.”

“We have to work as a team. We have our game plan from the manager. We will try to follow this plan, and then we will see after the game,”  he continued.


Town must take it “game by game”

Many would consider games against one of the ‘Top Six’ are throw away games, but Town must look to defy the odds, as they did against Manchester United earlier in the season, to pick up more crucial points in the race for survival.

“We have shown against Man United that we can get something out of these games. Also we’ve played against other big teams. We played good but we got nothing,”  he said.

Town are heading into this game with confidence after recent performances, and two back- to back League wins over Bournemouth and West Bromwich Albion, and Hadergjonaj added:

“We are coming from a very good period. We are confident. We played very well in the last two or three games, and as I said – we will give our best and we are really looking forward for this game.”

“I’m really happy that we can play in such a big stadium against this team,”  he said.

When asked if the last two games have allowed Town to take a big step towards Premier League survival, the Swiss defender said: “I think its too early to think about, or to speak about this.”

“It’s still ten games to go. We won our last two games but we [have to] take it game by game, and we will see at the end of the season,”  he added.


Flo is “very happy”  at Town

When discussing his life in the Premier League and whether he could see himself here long term, Flo commented: “Yeah, for sure. I feel very, very happy. The club have the belief, from the whole staff, from the manger and also from my team mates.”

Hadegjonaj has been a crucial part of Wagner’s squad since his loan arrival from Inglostadt 04 in the Summer, often being favoured over skipper Tommy Smith due to his attacking nature down the right. If Town do stay up, I’m sure they will be keen to sign the 23-year-old on a permanent basis.

“I play my games. I feel good on the pitch and behind the pitch, and this is very important,”  he added.