Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager bemoans poor refeering decisions as Reds drop points

Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager bemoans poor refeering decisions as Reds drop points

The Liverpool boss wasn't happy with the referee at The Hawthorns.

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Liverpool were left frustrated at The Hawthorns as West Brom ​fought from 2-0 down to rescue a point. The home side could yet be relegated from the Premier League this weekend despite the result, but will take huge positives from the resilence shown to fight back from the brink.

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Klopp bemoans poor refeering decisions 

Danny Ings was involved in two big decisions on Saturday afternoon, both of which fell on the side of West Brom. Firstly, the Englishman was brought down off the ball by Craig Dawson in what seemed a stonewall penalty. The referee didn't agree, however.

Officials also missed a punch by Ahmed Megazi on the former-Burnley striker - a challenge that almost certainly would've seen red for the defender, thereby marking the end of his season. Retrospective action may yet be taken, but these were two huge decisions at crucial stages in the game that could well have impacted the final score.

"​What do you think. Was it a penalty? Yes, I think the same. We agree", said Klopp.​ "Hegazi on Ings? It’s a red card. But you see it, I see it, that’s not important. It matters only what the three or four gentlemen with the whistle say. We can’t change that.

But if you have these situations, it’s different. I think if you are the better team you should win, we are the better team but we don’t win."

​West Brom's second goal was also the source of some controversy after the referee deemed a challenge from Joe Gomez to be a foul. The subsequent free-kick saw Solomon Rondon head home at the near post, completing a remarkable comeback.

"Then the second goal was not a foul. There were plenty of free-kicks in different situations for West Brom, but that was not a foul. But it gave them the best position for what they are strong in. They scored a second and now we have to take it.”

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'The pitch got drier and drier' says Klopp, admitting it hindered his side

Much like Southampton last season, Jurgen Klopp was unhappy about the state of the pitch at The Hawthorns, reflecting that it hindered his side from playing with their usual fluidity. 

​"I know how people think when we say it, but the pitch got drier and drier, and that's not favourable for the football-playing side. You could see that around the second big chance of Danny Ings. It makes it more difficult."

“We let the home team decide if they water the pitch or not. It’s not only about football, it’s dangerous for injuries too if the pitch is really dry. It’s difficult.

"West Brom can play on a dry pitch in the Championship next season. I would have said nothing about that if we had won, though!"

​The result means Liverpool require four points from their remaining three league games to confirm a top-four finish and Champions League football for next season. For now though, attentions will be fixated on a crunch tie against Roma in the semi-final.