Arsenal vs Manchester City pre-match analysis: How can Unai Emery get the better of the champions?

Arsenal vs Manchester City pre-match analysis: How can Unai Emery get the better of the champions?

Arsenal will need to have a strict game-plan in mind.

Kian Long

Arsenal come up against the champions in Manchester City this afternoon, to kick off their Premier League campaign for the upcoming season. 

They couldn't have asked for a more stern test, as Unai Emery will need to show immense management in order to overcome his countryman Pep Guardiola.

Both of them had positive pre-seasons, with City coming off the back of their Community Shield win over Chelsea. That aside, how can Arsenal get the better of City in this match?

Isolate the attacking midfielder

Although creativity comes from all over the park, City like to attack centrally. This calls for their midfielders to push forward whenever possible.

For once, Arsenal have the correct instrument to combat this. Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira is hungry to prove himself, coming off the back of an impressive World Cup campaign.

Whether it be David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne or Bernardo Silva, he will need to deal with one of them. Without the creativity, City will have nothing. 

Don't brush this battle aside as easy for City, because it's not true. Torreira has dealt with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer, so this duel shouldn't phase him. 

Press high

Arsenal can take real inspiration from Liverpool's multiple wins over City last season. What the Reds excelled at was the high press, often catching out the City defence.

While I'm not asking Nacho Monreal to make an Andy Robertson style gut-busting run, it would be nice to see the attackers press the defence.

This worked in Arsenal's favour when they came up against Tottenham at home last season. Alexandre Lacazette, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil all proved too much for the usually solid Spurs defence, so there's proof the tactic can prevail.

Although it's a much different setup now, and Lacazette may not even start the match, what Arsenal have available to them is enough to get the win, albeit they will need to work extra hard.