Sean Dyche, Mike Garlick and Mike Rigg: A bad game of Chinese whispers!
Peter Powell - Pool/GettyImages

Sean Dyche was honest about Burnley's lack of transfer business and gave some more indicators to the club's flawed setup. He did, however, claim that the club are working to rectify the current struggles when the next window arises in just three months time. 

"It starts with ourselves," Dyche told LancsLive. "The chairman and the board decide what we can do but there has to be alignment – there’s no point bringing in players for the sake of it, they’ve got to add value to the team or future value."

Dyche has illustrated his reluctance to buy for the sake of it. The Clarets were linked with a number of stars during the window but it seems that many did not fit within the manager's remit. There is the implication that deals were there to be pursued but Dyche wasn't interested in the players that had been suggested to him. 

This notion affirms that Dyche is in total control with regards to transfers. He has advisors and statisticians but the final decisions are down to him. 

An earlier VAVEL article looked at how Burnley had wasted money on players who struggled to get an opportunity. While Dyche had the final say on those recruits, perhaps he is now a little more coy in parting with money on people he isn't 200% convinced by. 

Aside from Mike Garlick, technical director Mike Rigg has also been a scapegoat for some supporters with regards to the club's lack of transfer business. This seems a little harsh. 


In January, with regards to Rigg and the challenges of working at Turf Moor, Dyche told the Burnley Express"It's a different model for him and I think he’s learned that, that’s for sure. A much different challenge than he’s had, certainly at places like Fulham, where it was slightly more open house financially. 

“So he’s adapting to that and realising how tough it is to align and define the players that are needed, and then take it to the point of actually them signing.”

Rigg is no doubt working very hard, trying Dyche's profile of player under the financial restraints imposed by Garlick. It's a tough job. 

Dyche may want a Premier League proven acquisition but such a deal might cost the club £20-million. Garlick may be reluctant to spend more than £15-million. So Rigg may source out an alternative player from Liga NOS. However, Dyche could feel uneasy about bringing in an unknown quantity as he focuses a great deal on the character of a player.

The Dyche-type is something that only the manager can properly assess; it seems like he is able to do that more easily with players that he has seen perform on English soil. That's not to say Dyche is against signing talent from abroad, of course, but his acquisitions have been predominantly from English clubs. Players who have performed in the EFL or the Premier League are already more accustomed to the physicality of the English game, as well. 

So herein lies a problem. A technical director trying to please two differing parties. Garlick would prefer cheaper business from overseas while Dyche feels Burnley should be bringing in players who do not have to make that cultural adjustment. One of the two sides has to shift a little bit because, otherwise, it makes Rigg's role rather redundant. 


Dyche has gone onto say that the club are working on better planning for January. It is good to see that this underwhelming transfer window has not caused too much public fallout. Instead, the manager and the board are working on a way to be more effective in the next window. Perhaps there is a little light at the end of the tunnel.