Joe Maddon And Chicago Cubs Cleared Of Any Tampering Charges

After nearly six months worth of investigation, Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs did not tamper while Joe Maddon was on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays investigated the tampering rules after Joe Maddon unexpectedly opted out of his deal and headed to Chicago. This investigation took a lot longer than it was expected. In fact, it was projected to be done by Opening Day last month. If the Cubs had been found guilty, a possible forfeit of draft picks or possible players might have taken place. 

Joe Maddon released a statement about the results of the investigation.

"We’re all glad that’s in the rear view mirror right now and very grateful it turned out the way that it did," Maddon said. "Let’s just move on and continue to play baseball. That’s pretty much where I’m at.” "I don’t want to tell you everything that went on," Maddon continued. "It’s one of those things that it’s unfortunate that it has to occur. You have to go through the process. I think we went through the process properly. And right now, for me, honestly, rear view stuff you want to keep it right there. I don’t really want to talk about it a lot. I don’t really think it serves any real purpose. I’m just glad we arrived at this point.’’

Maddon also noted that he's not angry or upset at his former team the Tampa Bay Rays. Also, he said that the Rays have been a wonderful team up to this point despite all the injuries. 

Finally, Rays owner Stuart Sternberg said this,"We make our decisions based on the facts at hand and the processes we trust. We can never be certain of the outcomes."