Top 5 NXT Superstars Ready For The Main Roster
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Top 5 NXT Superstars Ready For The Main Roster

NXT's continual growth has seen several superstar's go on to succeed on the main roster. NXT now boasts even more talent than ever, so who is closest to being ready to move to the main roster?

Matthew Wilkinson

The depth of NXT's roster is growing by the minute, with new talent constantly being added and wrestlers from around the world now actively seeking work with the brand as it continues to grow and develop.

Because of that, superstar's are having to push themselves to the limits to bet at the very top of the 'development' brand, in order to standout above the rest and therefore prove they have what it takes to be on the main roster.

WWE has already proven that they are willing to push talent to the main roster once they have proven themselves, with several names having gone on to be big stars on the main roster such, Seth Rollins, Big E and Kevin Owens. 

So let's take a look at five current NXT superstar's who are ready to make the jump to the main roster and compete on the grand stage. 

5. Sami Zayn 

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The underdog from the underground, Sami Zayn is one talent who has proven that he is more than worthy of a spot on the company's main roster. 

His work during his spell with NXT has been phenomenal, and he has risen to the very top becoming NXT Champion (which he lost to Owens) which showcases the fact that the WWE have belief in him to carry the brand. 

His feud of the NXT title with fellow Canadian and current Intercontinental Champion, Owens will go down as one of the most memorable feuds in NXT's short history, with the duo setting the bar high for Takeover matches. 

Zayn worked the Independent Circuit under the name of, El Generico prior to joining the WWE and has plenty of experience and knowledge, so therefore knows exactly what it takes to make it in this business. 

Whilst he might not have the look of your typical top level WWE superstar, he certainly has the heart, which won over the audience at Full Sail University and made him one of the most loved NXT superstars to date.

His underdog persona allows fans to get behind him, and even though he might be smaller than some opponents, Zayn certainly brings the fight in the ring with an array of fabulous moves he can wrestle with the best of them.

On the microphone he can get the job done too, Zayn is a solid talker and has the ability to carry a feud and create a rivalry with the words he says and then continue it with his actions, making him a perfect contender for any future main roster spot. 

For those WWE fans who are still not viewing NXT (if you're not, you really should be) they were exposed to the abilities of Zayn during one of John Cena's United States Championship open challenges, of which the former NXT champion once answered on an edition of RAW in Canada. 

Zayn went head to head with the face of the company and proved that he was not frightened of stepping up to the occasion, injuring himself earlier on in the match, he proved how badly he wanted to be there by not only continuing the fight, but putting on a brilliant match. 

The injury he sustained against Cena only got worse following the end to his vicious feud with Owens, and Zayn has since been forced to take time away to heal his shoulder before returning to action. 

His return seems like the perfect chance to debut Zayn as a full time member of the main roster, with most fans hoping for a continuation of his NXT feud with Owens, this time over the Intercontinental title. 

Whether or not his return see's him move straight to the main roster, or if he will be made to wait a little longer, it's clear that eventually Zayn will find his place there and hopefully go on to continue to put on world class wrestling matches for his fans down in the underground. 

4. Corey Graves

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That's right, the former wrestler Corey Graves comes in at number four on the list, whilst he may no longer compete inside the squared circle, Graves is still very active within the company, but it's his role in NXT that is the most interesting. 

During his time in the ring with the company, Graves impressed with his wrestling abilities and unique style, managing to successfully capture the NXT Tag Team Championships with his former partner, Neville (who is now on the main roster). 

Unfortunately his time as a professional wrestler was cut short due to reoccurring concussions, an issue that the WWE now take extremely seriously and Graves was forced into an early retirement. 

But his drive, passion and knowledge of the industry along with his chemistry granted him another opportunity in the wrestling industry as WWE saw something in Graves and offered him a new role. 

Following his retirement, Graves became a colour commentator for NXT along with hosting several shows on the WWE Network including, Culture Shock and Superstar Inked, as well as being a panelist on the kick off shows for both RAW and regular pay-per-views. 

Whilst all his work on the Network is fantastic and very interesting as he often brings out his own personal interests, it's his work as a commentator where he could be of most use to the company overall, and it will be for this work that he would make a move to the main roster. 

There will be few people that deny the current commentating is below standard, perhaps the worst it has ever been and therefore this is where Graves comes in, to potentially shake things up and breathe some much needed fresh air into the commentary for Raw or Smackdown. 

Things have become very stale with the current commentating teams, with the relationships between Michael Cole and JBL or Jerry Lawler being overplayed and a lack of emphasis on the storytelling of what is actually taking place in the ring. 

Graves has thrived during his role as commentator during his time in NXT and whilst he may not be a natural, he is certainly learning and improving with each broadcast and his passion is clear to hear, something that has been missing since JR parted ways with the announcers table. 

Moving him to the main roster would freshen things up and provide a new set of opinions for the audience watching and listening at home, which is vastly needed and it would continue to further Graves' impressive broadcasting career. 

His work as a panelist on the Kick Off shows means that those who are not watching NXT will already have had the chance to hear anf see Graves, making the transition easier and the fact he is a former wrestler means he can (which he does on NXT) draw upon past experiences and also validate his opinions. 

3. Bayley 

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Current NXT Womens Champion and member of the self proclaimed 'Four Horsewomen', Bayley is one of the most popular superstars on the NXT roster, male or female. 

Everyone's favorite hugger has a natural connection with the WWE Universe that is very difficult to explain, but fans seem to just gravitate towards her, perhaps due to her underdog persona (similar to Zayn). 

Bayley's natural chemistry seems to come from the fact she is simply portraying herself in the ring, just turned up a notch acting more over the top, and it works. 

But it's not just the fact she is extremely popular that she deserves to move to the main roster, her in ring ability is more than capable of competing at the top level, with her skills being greater than some of the women already above her. 

Her recent matches with Sasha Banks over the NXT Womens Championship will no doubt be contenders for match of the year, as Bayley finally burst out of the shadow of the other Horsewomen and proved she was good enough to hold her own and not just be a bit part player. 

Now she is the number one Diva on the roster in NXT, carrying the roster on her back and it's something she has done very well so far, as Bayley will now go on to help improve the other Divas in developmental. 

The fact she didn't get disheartened as the three women (Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Banks) she had been on a par with during their time in NXT were all moved to the main roster without her shows that she isn't rushing the move and has the dedication needed. 

Bayley has a real love for the industry and is a true fan at heart, and that is clear every time she steps into the ring, and the moment she enters the main roster will be a well deserved one for this talented individual. 

2. Samoa Joe 

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The veteran submission specialist, Samoa Joe has been involved in the wrestling industry the longest out of anyone on this list, having wrestled all across the world, most notably with, Ring of Honor and TNA

Wrestling fans had waited and hoped for years that Joe would find his feet in WWE, and finally he made his mark, but the experienced wrestler was placed into NXT rather than going straight to the main roster like a lot of fans had expected. 

It was a decision that appears to have worked out perfectly for both parties, with Joe relishing his opportunity to work with some of the best upcoming wrestlers and the WWE being able to have him pass on his knowledge and use his star power to bring in new eyes to the product. 

However, even though the current situation allows fans to see Joe wrestle for WWE, what fans really want is to see him cut his teeth on the main roster and compete in dream matches against the likes of Cena and Dean Ambrose

It's surely only a matter of time before Joe gets a run on the main roster, and the sooner the better as the company would be smart to make the most out of him whilst he can still put on high quality matches and feuds, which he has proven he is able to during his spell at NXT. 

Given his recent heel turn, Joe has now firmly set his sights on the NXT Championship, which could prolong his stay in Florida should he succeed, but it's unlikely that WWE would waste his potential by restraining him to the developmental brand for a longer period of time than necessary. 

Honorable Mentions 

There were several NXT talents that did not make this list, but are very close to being ready to making the transition to the main roster...

Baron Corbin: This is a superstar who tends to split the WWE Universe, with many believing he is ready to move on as of right now, whilst others have the opinion that he is no where near, this author believes he is somewhere in the middle. 

Corbin has shown tremendous improvements as of late and his work with ECW veteran, Rhyno has played a major role in that, Corbin now needs to continue developing his character and ensuring he keeps up the high quality matches he has been delivering of late. 

Apollo Crews: One of NXT's newest talents has wasted little to no time in making his mark at Full Sail, having already become one of the brands top stars due to his natural talent and popularity, he has only been with the company for a short period of time, hence why he doesn't make the list, but Crews is someone to keep an eye on. 

Tag Teams: The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that there is no tag teams on this list at all, that's not because there is a lack of quality teams (it's actually the opposite) but because there are too many teams ready to make the move to fit them all in to one list, keep an eye out for another top 5 coming soon. 

But that's enough honorable mentions, NXT has plenty of talent and the way that the brand is developing and the momentum it's gaining there will be a steady of talent moving for years to come, which is the overall aim, but on to the number one... 

1. Finn Bálor 

Finn Balor Photo Source:
Finn Bálor (Current NXT Champion) Photo Source:

The number one superstar ready to make the move from NXT to the main roster, current NXT Champion, Finn Bálor. 

Bálor has the whole package, the look, the in ring ability and the charisma whilst he also has a real uniqueness about him, making him stand out from the pack, something that has made Bálor a major point of interest in NXT. 

The Irishman has two sides, the quiet well spoken side who doesn't appear to be too much of a threat, and then there is the demon (pictured) which allows Bálor to express himself through unique body art (setting him apart from the roster) and bringing out a more aggressive and determined side. 

Both elements of his character have gone down a storm since joining NXT and ever since capturing the title he has become a true fan favorite among the entire WWE Universe. 

But Bálor isn't just creative at painting images onto his body, his talents go beyond that (but it's seriously impressive) he is a phenomenal worker in the ring, with unique high flying moves being mixed with strong kicks and chops to make him a very well rounded performer. 

Having become NXT Champion he has the weight of the brand (at it's most popular stage) upon his back, but he appears to be relishing the pressure with his title match against Crews most recently showing his talents in a high profile match yet again. 

Bálor has joined the main roster on the tour of Europe this month working with fellow Irishman, Sheamus allowing the WWE Universe to become familiar with who he is. 

Given that every former NXT Champion (bar Zayn) has moved to the main roster, there is no doubt that Bálor's future lies at the highest stage possible, but the question with Bálor is more how far can he climb on the main roster rather than will he get to it.