Concern Over The Styles Clash

The Styles Clash is a devastating finishing maneuver that looks painful and isn't used by anybody else on the current WWE roster, which makes it very unique. However AJ Styles has only used the move on a few occasions so far since debuting with the company, and it is being reported that the reason for that is down to Vince McMahon himself.

Safety Concerns

It is reported that the Chairman of the company has serious concerns about the move, after learning that several wrestlers have been severely injured from taking the bump incorrectly, most notably former WWE star, Yoshi Tatsu, who broke two bones in his neck after a botched Styles Clash.

The move does have an element of danger about it due to the way the wrestler lands, and as the video shows it can easily go wrong and place huge pressure onto peoples heads and necks, which is something WWE always try to avoid.

It was only last year that the company banned Seth Rollins from using his Curb Stomp finisher and Randy Orton has also suffered the same fate with his Punt head kick. Whilst as of right now, the Styles Clash has not been banned the WWE are pushing for Styles to make the Calf Crusher his main finishing move, which is why he has been using it so much.

Pushing For The Move

Styles did use the move in his first match at a WWE special, where he beat Chris Jericho. But it was interesting to see Y2J actually kick out of the Styles Clash, and end up tapping out to the Calf Crusher, which could be a way of Styles showing fans that is his main move.

Jericho reportedly requested that the pair be able to use the Styles Clash in their match as the veteran saw the need for it to be included and the WWE allowed it, likely because they trust his ability to take the move.

Whether Styles now stops using it altogether to please his new boss, or if it's just kept for special occasions will remain to be seen, but few can blame Mr.McMahon for taking such a stance, as the company is doing it's best to keep their wrestlers as safe as possible, and this is simply a precaution.