Make the US Championship great again John Cena in his weekly open challenge match

Make the US Championship great again

What does the U.S title need to bring the excitement back into it

Aaron Downey

The Problem

What must be done with the United States Championship this title has always been an important title since its days down in WCW and nobody can say otherwise. But over the past couple of years its been hard to keep the minor titles in WWE up in a relevant standpoint as no one has really been able to show off its prestige.

Anyone who has tried to keep it up failed because no time was invested, not to bad mouth it but when Dean Ambrose had it, it just sat with him because he only defended it three times in eight months and he went on to hold it for 351 days, the longest US title reign under the WWE banner with the only person holding it longer being Lex Luger in WCW for 523 days. 

His name is John Cena!

John Cena and Rusev were the ones who made the title mean a little again with John Cena actually chasing a title for a couple months with a few great matches. After that feud finished John Cena would defend the belt every week when he did an open challenge that actually made people look at the title in a prestigious way, as it made it look like lots of people wanted the title.

This made us feel like it was important because John Cena talked about the title as a symbol and claimed it was important and every week was a change once John Cena would give someone an opportunity. This gave Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn a great chance to show off what they could do and it launched Kevin Owens up into stardom having three amazing matches back to back to back! 

What needs to be done

Name drop Fandango, Heath Slater, Tyler Breeze, R Truth, Stardust, Bo Dallas, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and the new and improved Darren Young this is the perfect chance for them to get their feet on the ground by getting a single shot at the belt.

Heath Slater doing his thing. Photo-
Heath Slater doing his thing. Photo-

The point is look what they are doing with the Intercontinental Championship, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn all want the title for different reasons which means when they connect together it will make interesting stories with the two main angles of The Miz - Cesaro and Sami Zayn - Kevin Owens.

Owens wants the title for more money to help his family The Miz wants it because its his baby, Sami Zayn wants it so Kevin can't have it (who's the heel here again) and Cesaro wants it because he is hungry and doesn't think Miz deserves the title. Regardless of what the reasons more than one person wants the title that's what it needs, people gunning for that title. Heath Slater - Tyler Breeze or Heath Slater - anybody would be a good match as he is so good he could make anyone look like a million times better than they were. It is simply crucial that they now look at new feuds with new stars and begin to shine some light onto this once great belt.