Smackdown to move to three hours soon

Well with the brand split news, more and more speculation is happening that worst thing possible about Smackdown going live is that Smackdown might be moving to three hours. The fact this is happening is the worst thing to come out of the rumors and speculation of the new brand split.

Many have said that the run time of Smackdown is only two hours which makes it better and easier to watch because we all felt the three-hour fatigue on RAW, especially if the show isn't stacked the way it should be. A good example is last week's RAW. Women had five minutes of TV time total. Nothing happened that benefited anyone and only one major plot point came out of everything and that was what happened to John Cena and AJ Styles.

The cons of three hours

There are only so many hours in a week and it cannot be stressed enough how much content WWE puts out. It is hard to watch everything they put out. Three hours of RAW, an hour of Smackdown, then on Smackdown it's an hour of what happened on RAW, then on Wednesday, an hour of NXT with Superstars and Main Event. That's a combined two hours. If the WWE adds an hour onto Smackdown, the amount of content WWE is putting out a week is nine hours of WWE TV and doesn't include if there is a Takeover and PPV's.

In a year, there are 8760 hours.  So if you divided nine a week into that, you get 973 hours. That's a lot of content. Another reason it is a bad idea is because the WWE creative team can't do RAW that makes you want to sit there for three hours and grind it out if the Smackdown show goes to three hours. The creative team needs to be on their toes always then again. It is a different writing team, even more so over here in the UK because it starts at one AM and ends at four AM. It is a grind. It's a job itself to watch it sometimes. How many hours? How many hours?

The pros of three hours 

Tyler Breeze. Joke the pros of three hours is more people who need a shot will get it. One of the people who come to mind is Zack Ryder. He must be one of the most excited superstars about this brand split because he can truly resurface and be a main player for the WWE. It really is a time to watch out for superstars that have been floating on the higher mid-card on RAW and see them rise to the top of Smackdown.

Some people like Tyler Breeze can get back to the spot he was at on NXT where he was trusted to put every type of match and knocked it out of the ballpark. He is such a great talent or even Bo Dallas. He can change it up and maybe win a minor title. Dolph Ziggler is someone who comes to mind when he's been floating in and out of the main event for a few years but nothing ever came out of it Smackdown might save him from being upper mid card.