Sasha Banks wins WWE Women's Championship on RAW
Sasha Banks after winning the WWE Women's Championship on Monday Night Raw |

At the beginning of the first post brand split episode of RAW, General Manager Mick Foley announced that following Sasha Banks and Bayley's win over Charlotte and Dana Brooke the previous night, Charlotte would be defending her title against the Boss later in the show, much to the excitement of the crowd.

Honoring her hero

The odds didn't favor Sasha, as Charlotte had her protégé Dana Brooke in her corner. However, Banks quickly evened it up, using her childhood hero Eddie Guerrero's trick by throwing the belt to Dana while the referee's back was turned in order to make it seem like Brooke had interfered as she was left holding the title while Banks was on the ground. Charlotte's right-hand woman was then ejected by the official.

This left a straight 1 - 1 match between champion and challenger, and it turned out to be an absolute classic with Charlotte performing a stunning moon sault spot to the outside and Sasha hitting back with a suicide dive. Both women performed tremendously and pushed each other to the limit, leading to the crowd's chant of 'This is awesome'.

What turned out to be the longest women's match in RAW history, culminated with Sasha making Charlotte tap out to the Bank Statement to become the new WWE Women's Champion, something she had been dreaming about since she was 10-years-old.

What next for the Boss?

You can bet on at least 1 rematch between Charlotte and Sasha, although who would complain as we are guaranteed another classic between these 2 fantastic performers. Sasha Banks will more than likely face Charlotte at Summerslam again, and if Bayley comes to Monday nights we could be in for one of the most exciting feuds in women's wrestling history as two fan favorites would certainly put on an amazing show.