Kayfabe Nation: Best Heel Turns Ever

Seth Rollins turning on the Sheild? Randy Savage turning against Hulk Hogan? What was the biggest heel turn in pro wrestling history? That will be discussed on episode number 3 of Kayfabe Nation.

The "Greatest Podcaster in the World" Tom McAlister reminds everyone why he is indeed the best in the business! A disgruntled listener air's his grievances with the show and lets us behind the scenes at Alpha Male Security.....self-defense tips on how to survive a beat down from a mob of angry geriatrics......The storied wrestling career's of El Gordo Loco 1 & El Gordo Loco 2 revealed.....Nick explains why he refuses to sponsor the show and his podcasting future moving forward ......... PLUS: We discuss all thing's WWE from the past week and walk down memory lane discussing the greatest, most diabolical HEEL turns of all time!!

Newsfeed at 23:40 Raw review at 36:30 SmackDown review 42:53 Best Heel Turns 49:13

Kayfabe Nation Episode 3

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