The Suicide of the Suicide Dive in WWE
Cesaro's awkward landing has sparked a discussion over the suicide dive (image:

The career of Daniel Bryan ended in a sad and premature fashion but it was, unfortunately, his style of professional wrestling that cost him his career. Following Cesaro's painful and horrific botch at Clash of Champions, there were immediate calls for the ban of the suicide dive but would it be the right move?

Save your careers

Daniel Bryan performing his signature suicide dive (
Daniel Bryan performing his signature suicide dive (

One of the more sensitive points that may result in the move being banned is that it is one of the core points for the ending of Daniel Bryan's career. The years of hard impact on the body of the former World Champion inevitably caught up with him as he suffered a serious neck injury that has since prevented him from stepping back into the ring. Surgery could not prevent WWE officials from stopping his career dead with the 35-year-old now firmly in a noncompeting role as SmackDown Live general manager.

Now in his current role, something he had no say in, he was desperately consulting with doctors who would clear him to compete but despite their approval it has fallen on deaf ears. His suicide dive was one of the most famous in professional wrestling but it is unlikely we will ever see one from the veteran again.

He is still reportedly searching for doctor's seal of approval with him desperate to get back into the squared circle, however, that is looking less likely. With the move that led to his injury still being used in about 50% of matches in WWE, does it serve as an insult to his legacy given its dangerous track record?

Cesaro should be dead

Cesaro could have died following his suicide dive (
Cesaro could have died following his suicide dive (

One of the most sickening moves from the first RAW exclusive pay-per-view of the new era saw the neck of The Swiss Superman connect with the hard floor following the use of the move. He connected with Sheamus well but midway through performing the move he tried to spin landing on his neck with it only a miracle he was left unscathed. The nauseating image of Cesaro should serve as a warning if not anything else, that the suicide dive could literally result in suicide if not performed correctly.

Now that its dangerous nature is achieving widespread recognition should WWE take notice or has it become second nature in the wrestling ring. Sasha Banks reportedly came under fire from Vince McMahon when he was critical of her in-ring style claiming she is too 'all out' fearing that it could possibly hurt her long term health.

Just months later, The Boss, who performs the suicide dive on a regular basis, was injured with fears her needing months out to recover, thankfully it was not as serious but still the possibility was huge.

Support from fellow performers

Joey Styles is firmly against the use of the suicide dive (image:
Joey Styles is firmly against the use of the suicide dive (image:

Sean Waltman former member of Degeneration X and The NWO replied to a comment on Twitter calling for a petition to be started to ban the suicide dive and he had an interesting take on the matter. He said "Because I'm sick of seeing it in almost every match. Does everyone think they're the only one doing it or something?"

The veteran does have a point considering that it may be overused, there has been an increasing number of high flying independent performers. Joey Styles, the former ECW and WWE commentator was in favor of a complete ban of the move as he tweeted "In my last interview with my former employer, I implored wrestlers to stop doing the suicide dive because it's not special anymore and risky."

Could it work?

Seth Rollins' curb stomp was banned (image:
Seth Rollins' curb stomp was banned (image:

Ideally, the move would not be banned as from face-value it not as bad as a number of current moves often performed in WWE. The RKO of Randy Orton for example; one of the most internet favored maneuver is far more dangerous as it involves dragging the next of the opponent down to the floor in an instant snapping motion.

Charlotte performs her moon sault from the top rope to the outside of the ring often also, a back-flip directly onto her opponent(s) all dangerous for a young viewer to imitate.

Other moves have already been halted such as most recently the Seth Rollins curb stomp which although it has never hurt an opponent it was easily replicable and could injure people at home, according to Vince McMahon.