What to do with 205 live?

Every week 205 Live takes place and every week people either just have it as background noise or turn it off! We as a fan base don't buy into the purple brand of WWE, once what we hoped was going to be crazy wrestling with the great names and star power we have on 205 Live. But it took after the rebirth of ECW and became something that is just on every week and not a real priority, more of something they started but they don't care about it. 

The Facts!   

Austin Aries made his point clear. Photo-: Spotlight wrestling page-Facebook
Austin Aries made his point clear. Photo-: Spotlight wrestling page-Facebook

Something that shows they don't care about the Curiserweights the Wrestlemania DVD has just come out in America and Canada, and one of the best matches of the night, greatest man that has ever lived, Austin Aries vs the king of the cruiserweights, Neville. Say what you will but that should have opened the main show! They left it off the DVD, they cut it as if it never happened.This hurts the division in a bad way, because if they don't care to put it in why should the people go out of the way to watch it? As mentioned before it is like the rebirth of ECW where it has the same format, it has two matches then it the one story where the title is in play.  

Let's shoot the breeze

Now saying that it hasn't been all bad as it has given Neville something to do, because as talented as he is much like 30% of the call-ups from NXT who just fell into doing nothing but spot filling and losing quickly. But that is one positive and that is the only one we as the WWE Universe can take at face value. Now look what 205 Live has done to someone like Cedric Alexander, it has killed all momentum he had coming out of the CWC after his match of the year candidate against Kota Ibushi. Does anyone but the die hard fans of Cedric care anymore? 

What could they do?  

1) If they really want to save them one of many things they could do is fuse them into NXT and let them have a second hour as it would help with the amount of talent they are gaining really quick. Have other people join the division there and make something of it.

2) They could just drop 205 live and then keep them on RAW, then when they are on RAW just drop the purple and stop putting them on a different island, they are on RAW. No one wants to see a purple RAW sign as it takes you out of the experience. If they really wanted to do something and bring down some star power give Finn Balor and AJ Styles some time down there make people care!

3) Here is one it's crazy hold onto to your hands and make sure your monocle is in place. Get 205 Live their own creative team and not people from RAW and SmackDown who have one billion crazy things going on and have to keep changing plans and roll with the punches. Start treating this show like a priority and make the Cruiserweights mean something, give Tony Neese a character other than him rubbing his abs he is too good to be left doing nothing.