CM Punk Has Finally Returned to WWE...Technically 

     When CM Punk left WWE in 2014, he sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. His appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast in 2015 sent even more shockwaves as he went into detail about his departure from the company. Since leaving the company he has been involved with writing comic books for Marvel, starring in films, and competing in UFC. After almost six years, CM Punk is finally back in WWE, sort of.

     He has signed a deal to become a part of WWE's late night analysis show on Fox Sports "WWE Backstage." As a member of the show, he will be giving his own harsh yet honest opinions on all things WWE hopefully while sitting on the ground in a Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt. So what does this mean for him returning to actually wrestling again? Probably nothing. Everyone thinks that Punk has signed a deal to return to WWE when he is actually signed with Fox to work on a WWE show.

     People looking to see him return to the ring immediately are going to be disappointed however this does not mean he will never wrestle again. Punk himself has said that he would consider wrestling again when he mentioned that AEW attempted to make him an offer. Even if he does wrestle again, will fans be satisfied? We’ve seen what happens when a wrestler returns to the ring after a few years of being inactive. The Rock would get winded easily during all of his matches during his 2011-2013 comeback and sit on the ground drinking water. I fear the same could happen to Punk if he wrestles again but I do hope that I’m wrong. The perfect time for a CM Punk in ring return would be Survivor Series since it takes place in his hometown of Chicago. Until we know more about his contract situation, all we can do is speculate.