Goals and Highlights Sweden vs South Korea  Women's Handball Tokyo 2020 Olympics (39-30)
Photo by IHF/International Handball Federation


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Statistics Sweden 39-30 South Korea

Goals / shots - Sweden: 39/55, South Korea: 30/56
Efficiency - Sweden: 71%, South Korea: 54%
6-metre shots - Sweden: 15/22, South Korea: 8/12
7-metre shots - Sweden: 2/2, South Korea 3/4
9-metre shots - Sweden: 1/6, South Korea: 5/18
Fast Breaks - Sweden: 7/8, South Korea: 2/2
Breakthroughs - Sweden: 7/8, South Korea: 8/12 
Yellow cards: 1-0
2-minutes Suspensions: 3-4 
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The players celebrate as they hug in the center of the pitch, celebrating their country's unprecedented qualification! The next opponent will be the France vs Netherlands match, which will be played later, at 7:45 am ET (click here to follow all the games in real time). The winner will play Norway or the Russian Olympic Committee for the gold medal.
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Too late

39-30! Korea engages the best sequence late in the second half, scoring five consecutive goals, but it was not enough to reverse the lead and is out of the Olympics
4:25 AM2 years ago

Time-out Sweden

20' Tomas Axner takes advantage of a big lead of 34-20 to rotate the team and preserve some athletes
4:21 AM2 years ago

Double suspension

31-18. Sweden's Stromberg and South Korea's Seonpil
4:18 AM2 years ago


Sweden regains a lead of more than ten goals by scoring twice during Yunji Kim's suspension
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After going 7:34 scoreless, Korean women cut it short with two consecutive 6-meter shots by Jinyi Kim and Sumin Choi in a one-minute span
4:02 AM2 years ago

Time-out Korea

Even with the numerical advantage, Korea still didn't score in the first six minutes and then the coach stopped the game
4:00 AM2 years ago

Lindqvist out

Swedish concedes a personal foul penalty in Jinyi. It is the first suspension of the second half.
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Only one goal in the first three minutes, with good participation from goalkeepers Johanna Bundsen and Hui Ju
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00' South Korea take the kickoff, Boeun Gim moves the ball to start the second half
3:51 AM2 years ago

Top Scorers

Sweden: Roberts, Stromberg (5)
South Korea: Lee (4)
3:48 AM2 years ago

1st Half Stats

Sweden 27-13 South Korea
Goals / shots - Sweden: 21/27, South Korea: 13/24
Efficiency - Sweden: 78%, South Korea: 54%
6-metre shots - Sweden: 7/9, South Korea: 4/5
7-metre shots - 0, South Korea 2/2
9-metre shots - Sweden: 0/2, South Korea: 3/12
Fast Breaks - Sweden: 4/5, South Korea: 1/1
Breakthroughs - Sweden: 5/6, South Korea: 2/3 
Yellow cards: 1-0
2-minutes Suspensions: 1-2 
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End of period

Sweden 21-13 South Korea
3:36 AM2 years ago

Eunhye Kang out

19-12. Another two-minute suspension for South Korea. So far Sweden has kept their players on court throughout.
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Roberts also starts strong, scoring five goals, and Sweden builds on the victory. Migyeong Lee is the most dangerous for South Korea.
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The Swedes practically do not let the Koreans play and goalkeeper Joana Bundsen has also made good saves
3:12 AM2 years ago

Sumin Choi out

5' First two minutes of the match leaves South Korea one player short
3:09 AM2 years ago


Sweden imposes a strong rhythm right from the start and opens a four-goal lead with a double from Stromberg

3:06 AM2 years ago

Sweden leads the way

Emma Lindqvist opens the scoring in the very first minute.
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The first half begins
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Players from Sweden and South Korea are on the court. After the national anthem of both countries, the teams and referees are introduced, and then the referee blows his whistle.
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Chance for a rematch

As they were in the same group, Sweden and South Korea faced each other and the Swedes got the better of the game by making it 31-28, with scores of 16-15 in the first half and 15-13 in the second half.
2:41 AM2 years ago

Time travel

The silver medal in Athens 2004, South Korea placed 10th in the last edition of the Olympic Games (Rio 2016), while Sweden finished in 7th place. The Koreans and Swedes were in the same group - the Europeans finished 3rd with two wins, one draw, and two losses, and the Asians said goodbye to the tournament after winning one, drawing one, and losing three times.
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Next stop

The other semi-final is set and will be between the Russian Olympic Committee and Norway. The Russians eliminated Montenegro by 32-26 and the Nordic team that is the only undefeated beat Hungary by 26-22.
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Hey! We're just a few minutes away from another of handball's semifinalists, so come back to find out everything that's going to happen in this match between Sweden and South Korea, who meet shortly, starting at 4:00 am ET. The winner will face France or the Netherlands, and the loser is eliminated.
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How to watch Sweden vs South Korea Live Stream on TV and Online?

Handball at Tokyo 2020 - Women's Quarterfinal
Match: Sweden vs South Korea
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium (Tokyo, Japan)
Time: 4:00 am EST
Where to watch: SporTV (Brazil), CBS Sports (USA), Marca Claro (Mexico)
Real time: VAVEL Brazil
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Where and how to watch Sweden vs South Korea online and live Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Representative of Asia in the quarterfinals of the Olympic handball tournament in Tokyo, South Korea returns to court this Wednesday (4) to try a spot in the semifinals. The competitor is Sweden and you can watch this game on NBC Sports or Marca Claro from 4am ET. If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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Referees: Viktoriia Alpaidze, Tatiana Berezkina (Russia)
Reserve Referees: Heidy Elsaied, Yasmina Elsaied (Egypt)
IHF Official: Dragan Nachevski (North Macedonia)
IHF Timekeeper: Felix Ratz (Switzerland)
IHF Scorekeeper: Gerhard Reisinger (Austria)
1:04 AM2 years ago

South Korea squad list

Ju Hee and Jeong Jin-hui, Sim Hae-in, Kim Jin-yi, Lee Mi-gyeong, Kang Kyung-min, Ryu Eun-hee, Jung Yu-ra, Choi Su-min, Jo Ha-rang, Kim Yun-ji, Jung Ji-in, Kang Eun-hye, Won Seon-pil e Gim Bo-eun.  
Técnico: Jae Won Kang.
12:59 AM2 years ago

Sweden squad list

Johanna Bundsen, Melissa Petren, Jessica Ryde, Nina Dano, Anna Lagerquist, Elin Hansson, Linn Blohm, Emma Lindqvist, Jamina Roberts, Carin Strömberg, Mathilda Lundström, Nathalie Hagman, Johanna Westberg, Jenny Carlson, Kristin Thorleifsdottir.
Coach: Tomas Axner.
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Medal table

Although the Nordic countries are world handball powers, Sweden has yet to become an Olympic champion in the sport - it was a finalist four times, but finished with silver in all. South Korea, on the other hand, has seven wins, being two golds (Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992), four silvers and one bronze.
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Round by round

Sweden opened with a 36-24 win over the Russian Olympic Committee, was 28-28 down to France and lost 23-26 to Hungary, but then rattled off two wins, over Spain (31-24) and Brazil (34-31). The Koreans have won only one match so far 27-24 over Japan, tied 31-31 with Angola, and lost to Norway (27-39), the Netherlands (36-43), and Montenegro (26-28).
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Teams information

Sweden arrives with the status of group B leaders, with seven points, sharing the top spot with the Russian Olympic Committee. France and Hungary also qualified, while Spain and Brazil were eliminated. The only Asian team qualified for the quarterfinals, South Korea finished fourth in group A, which was topped by Norway, the only team not to lose in the first round.
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Noruega x Hungria
Montenegro x Comitê Olímpico Russo
França x Holanda
Suécia x Coreia do Sul
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