Highlights and best moments: Lakers 100- 106  Knicks
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10:11 PM14 days ago



Lakers vs Knicks summary


10:01 PM14 days ago

00:00 4Q

Ends the game with a 106-100 victory for the Knicks over the Lakers
9:59 PM14 days ago

00:15 4Q

Time out Lakers
9:58 PM14 days ago

00:17 4Q

Randle makes 1 of 2 free throws
9:55 PM14 days ago

00:17 4Q

Time out Knicks
9:54 PM14 days ago

00:20 4Q

Good play for Davies the score is 105-100 Knicks up
9:50 PM14 days ago

2:00 4Q

Alley oop for Westbrook the advantage is 10 pts of Knicks
9:45 PM14 days ago

4:00 4Q

Time out Knicks
9:42 PM14 days ago

5:00 4Q

Quickley responds long distance and is double digit advantage
9:41 PM14 days ago

6:00 4Q

Davies triple and the score is 99-93 favor Knicks
9:38 PM14 days ago

7:00 4Q

Quiclkey scores the triple and Knicks starts to move away
9:35 PM14 days ago

9:10 4Q

Davies makes all 2 free throws
9:34 PM14 days ago

9:30 4Q

Time out Lakers
9:30 PM14 days ago

9:30 4Q

2 Lakers losses are capitalized by Knicks difference of 6
9:29 PM14 days ago

10:00 4Q

Carmelo scores triple and the difference is 1 point
9:26 PM14 days ago

12: 00 4Q

Last 12 minutes to know the winner of this match
9:26 PM14 days ago


Ends the third quarter advantage of 83-81 in favor of Knicks
9:20 PM14 days ago

1:00 3Q

Good play by Westbrook and the game is tied
9:17 PM14 days ago

3:00 3Q

Randle is 1-for-2 on his trip to the free throw line 2-possession advantage 77-72
9:12 PM14 days ago

3:58 3Q

Time out Lakers
9:11 PM14 days ago

4:00 3Q

Lakers triple the advantage for Knicks is 75-72
9:05 PM14 days ago

7:30 3Q

Bradley scores from the corner, game from a long position 63-66
9:04 PM14 days ago

8:00 3Q

The Knicks break the 0 in the third quarter, the score is 66-60 the Knicks resist the advantage
8:59 PM14 days ago

10:00 3Q

Time out Knicks
8:59 PM14 days ago

10:00 3Q

21-2 Runs Lakers
8:57 PM14 days ago

12:00 3Q

The second half starts
8:38 PM14 days ago

00:00 2Q

End the first half with a 16-4 Lakers run, the score is 51-63 at Madison Square Garden
8:33 PM14 days ago

1:20 2Q

5 turnovers in the last 5 minutes for the Knicks close on the scoreboard
8:31 PM14 days ago

1:45 2Q

Time out Knicks
8:30 PM14 days ago

1:45 2Q

Lakers seem to recover and have a 10-2 run
8:25 PM14 days ago

2:00 2Q

Time out Knicks
8:25 PM14 days ago

2:00 2Q

Bradley scores the 2 free throws the score is 41-61
8:22 PM14 days ago

4:45 2Q

Foul and account for Davies completes the old-fashioned triple
8:21 PM14 days ago

5:00 2Q

Fournier with the triple from the corner
8:18 PM14 days ago

6:50 2Q

Burkes gets the foul and count the score is 54 to 29
8:17 PM14 days ago

7:00 2Q

Knicks runs 9-0
8:12 PM14 days ago

8:00 2Q

Timeout Lakers the score is 49-27 Knicks up
8:11 PM14 days ago

8:10 2Q

Burks steals the ball and scores on the counter
8:10 PM14 days ago

8:55 2Q

Ally op  to Tappin and score
8:09 PM14 days ago

9:00 2Q

Few points at the moment, many misses to the basket
8:06 PM14 days ago

12:00 2Q

Inicia el segundo cuarto
7:59 PM14 days ago

00:00 1Q

Finish the score 36-20 in favor of Knicks with 7 triples.
7:58 PM14 days ago

1:00 1Q

Barret scores another long distance shot and the distance is lengthened
7:55 PM14 days ago

2:50 1Q

Wetsbrook goes to the free throw line and score 1 of 2
7:52 PM14 days ago

3:14 1Q

Time out Lakers
7:52 PM14 days ago

3:14 1Q

Randle receives alone and adds another triple the score is 28-14
7:50 PM14 days ago

3:49 1Q

Carmelo Anthony returns to the court and is cheered by Madison Square Garden, he played 7 years for the Knicks
7:49 PM14 days ago

4:00 1Q

Inaccuracies of both teams, quick shots have only scored 2 pts. between both teams the score is 21-9
7:46 PM14 days ago

7:10 1Q

Jordan goes to the free throw line and scores one, the score is 21-7
7:44 PM14 days ago

7:20 1Q

Randle scores another from large distance 2/2 triple for him and stays double digit distance
7:41 PM14 days ago

8:39 1Q

Barret puts a nice triple the score is 13-2
7:37 PM14 days ago

9: 58 1Q

Time out Lakers
7:36 PM14 days ago

10:00 1Q

Lakers have not been able to score, the score is 10-0 with 2 triples from Knicks
7:25 PM14 days ago

In a few minutes

The game will start at Madison Square Garden
7:24 PM14 days ago

Knicks vs Lakers

Both have seen each other 322 times throughout history and the numbers lean towards the Angels' side with 186 wins and 136 losses.
7:22 PM14 days ago

Knicks lineup

Thibodeau puts on this starting quintet
7:19 PM14 days ago

Lakers Lineup

Vogel puts on this starting quintet.


7:08 PM14 days ago

Knicks warm up

The New York Knicks are war um for the game of today.


7:01 PM14 days ago

Lakers warm up

Los Angeles Lakers are warm up to the game for today


6:57 PM14 days ago

Injuries of Knicks

Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson and Mitchell Robinson are the players absent for today's game
6:50 PM14 days ago

Lakers injuries

The Los Angeles team will not be able to count on Lebron James due to a 1-game suspension for recklessly hitting Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart.

In addition, the casualties of Ariza, Nunny and Reaves are added.

1:07 PM14 days ago

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Latest game between

The knicks have a good record vs Lakers as they have won 3 of their last 5 games. 

In addition in the Madison Square Garden Knicks have won 3 of their last 5 games.

12:52 PM14 days ago

Key player Lakers

Given the suspension of Lebron James, Russel Westbrook will be in charge of the team's offense, averaging 19.3 pts, 8.2 rebounds and 8.7 assists, all the weight of the team falls on him.
Photo: Getty images//   Nic Antaya
Photo: Getty images// Nic Antaya
12:47 PM14 days ago

Key player Knicks

Juluis Randle averages 20.4 pts per game, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, being the most important and decisive player on the New York team.
Photo: Getty images//  Elsa
Photo: Getty images// Elsa
12:42 PM14 days ago

Knicks last lineup

The last starting five for the New York Knicks were 8 Walker, 13 Fournier, 3 Noel, 30 Randle, 9 Barret.
12:37 PM14 days ago

Lakers last lineup

The Los Angeles Lakers came out with 0 Westbrook, 20 Bradley, 10 Jordan, 3 Davis, 6 James.
12:32 PM14 days ago

Lakers outlook difficult to visit.

One of the shortcomings of the Los Angeles team is being visitors because they have only won 2 of their last 6 games.
12:27 PM14 days ago

Knicks to be a constant team

The New York Knicks host the Angeles Lakers, both teams come in ups and downs and with a .500 record they will seek to win and improve their position.

The inconsistency is the summary of the Knicks at this start of the season, as they cannot string together 2 consecutive victories or losses. The Knicks have a 4-5 mark at home.

12:22 PM14 days ago

The match will be played at the Madison Square Garden.

The New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers match will be played at the stadium of Madison Square Garden,Manhattan NY, USA with a capacity of 19812 people. The Garden hosted the Stanley Cup Finals and NBA Finals simultaneously on two occasions: in 1972 and 1994.  MSG has hosted the following All-Star Games:

NHL All-Star Game: 1973, 1994

NBA All-Star Game: 1998, 2015

WNBA All-Star Game: 1999, 2003, 2006

All American Karate Championships held in 1968 & 1969 won by Chuck Norris 1970 was won by Mitchell Bobrow.

UFC held its first event in New York City, UFC 205, at Madison Square Garden on November 12, 2016. This was the first event the organization held after New York State lifted the ban on mixed martial arts.

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