Highlights: New York Knicks 122-101 Atlanta Hawks in NBA
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11:10 PM7 months ago


I would like to thank you here for listening to this NBA match. Have a good night and see you next time!
11:08 PM7 months ago


The Knicks kept up their performance throughout the game and beat the Hawks comfortably and quietly, closing in on a 21-point lead with 122-101 on the scoreboard!
10:43 PM7 months ago


The Knicks pass 100 points and go on to beat the Hawks by 23 points, with 115 to 92 on the scoreboard!
10:28 PM7 months ago

Last quarter starts

We start the last quarter with the situation holding, where the Knicks go on to win 99 to 86!
10:21 PM7 months ago

End of 3rd Q

And the Hawks try a reaction, managing to cut the lead to 15 points, where the Knicks go on to win by 91 to 76!
10:11 PM7 months ago


And we continue in the same situation as the rest of the game: the Hawks struggle, but the advantage remains close to 20 points, now at 16, with victory by 80 to 64.
9:55 PM7 months ago


The second half comes back and the Hawks make their effort, but the lead remains almost the same, now at 68 to 51!
9:36 PM7 months ago


It was a second quarter where very little happened and the situation remained, almost as if a script was being followed, where the Knicks go on to win by 22 points, 66 to 44!
9:34 PM7 months ago

Second quarter starts

The Hawks keep their advantage and try to increase it in this beginning of the second quarter, winning by 41 to 25!
9:09 PM7 months ago

End of 1st Q

By 16 points and in a first half where they won with some tranquility, the Knicks go on to beat the Hawks by 37 to 21!
8:59 PM7 months ago


It's a rough first quarter so far for the Hawks, who are going down 28-11.
8:54 PM7 months ago


The Knicks start the game with a good performance and keep a comfortable lead, always close to 10 points, now winning by 19 to 8.
8:44 PM7 months ago


The game starts out intense and in a few minutes the Knicks are up 7-4 early!
8:39 PM7 months ago

Teams on the court!

The teams take to the court to start the match!
8:34 PM7 months ago

Knicks' starting 5

The Knicks' starting five for the match are: Grimes, Brunson, Sims, Barrett and Randle.
8:32 PM7 months ago

Hawks' starting 5

Today's Hawks starting lineup for the match is:

7:44 PM7 months ago


We now begin the broadcast of another NBA match here on VAVEL. Today it's Hawks vs. Knicks!
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Tune in here New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks Live Score

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State Farm Arena

The game will take place at State Farm Arena, which was known as Philips Arena, staying in Atlanta, Georgia. It is home to the Atlanta Hawks, with a capacity of 19,000 fans.
7:24 PM7 months ago

Injury Report: Knicks

The New York Knicks have no players listed as day-to-day, but know they will be without the injured Mitchell Robinson.
7:19 PM7 months ago

Injury Report: Hawks

The Hawks will have no confirmed absences for this matchup, but having listed as day-to-day De'Andre Hunter and John Collins.
7:14 PM7 months ago

Eastern Conference: Knicks

The New York Knicks are above all of these, including the Hawks, ranking seventh with 32-27 on the season, below the Heat, 32-26, Nets, 33-24, Cavaliers, 38-22, 76ers, 37-19, Bucks, 39-17 and conference-leading Celtics, 41-16.
7:09 PM7 months ago

Eastern Conference: Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are in eighth place in the Eastern Conference, with 29 wins and 29 losses, staying above the Raptors, 27-31, the Wizards, 26-30, the Bulls, 26-31, the Pacers, 25-34, the Magic, 24-34, the Hornets, 16-43 and the Pistons, last place, 15-43.
7:04 PM7 months ago

Last Matches: Knicks

The New York Knicks come with four wins and one loss in their last games. The sequence opened with victory over the 76ers, by 108 to 97, on Sunday (5). On Tuesday (7) the win was 102-98 over the Magic. Then on Friday (10) the 76ers got revenge, winning by 119 to 108. On Saturday (11), against the Jazz, the victory was by 126 to 120 and, closing this sequence, the new victory was by 124 to 106 over the Nets, last Tuesday (13).
6:59 PM7 months ago

Last Matches: Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks come to this match with two wins and three losses in recent games. The sequence began with defeat, on Saturday (4), to the Nuggets, by 128 to 108. On Tuesday (7), the new loss was to the Pelicans, by 116 to 107. On Thursday (9), the victory finally came, over the Suns, by 116 to 107. By 125 to 106, on Saturday (11), the other victory came, by 125 to 106, over the Spurs. Closing this sequence, last Monday (13), the loss was to the Hornets, by 144 to 138.
6:54 PM7 months ago

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