SheBelieves Cup USWNT vs France preview: A Test for Two

The United States Women's National team and France will play against one anther to open up the second match day. The USWNT and France are the two previous winners of the SheBelieves Cup. In the two years the two teams basically switched places. In 2016, the United States won the tournament where as France sat at the bottom of the table. Then last year, France turned it around and ended up winning the tournament as the United States fell to the bottom. 

France Turns a New Page 

France only returned 12 previous players from their 2017 SheBelieves Cup roster. Although this might not seem like much compared to the other teams, most of these players are the mainstays for France. These players weren't able to do much against an even stronger England team on Thursday. The French fell hard to the English in a 4-1 loss. With three goals coming in the first half, France was unable to get anything going and had to continue to defend against an attacking England team. 

Who knows whether the reason France seemed so off was due to jet-lag and some pretty rough conditions or if there is something just off with this French team. What the reason was should be pretty clear tomorrow night. The United States are going to be a much bigger challenge for the French especially after France creamed the Americans 3-0 in last year's tournament. France will look to get pass the jet lag as they play in much nicer conditions to put up a good fight against the United States or have the beating returned as the the United States looks for revenge. 

United States Wants Revenge

As previously mentioned the United States had a tough tournament last year and an even tougher time against France. With both teams starting the tournament off with a win it would have seemed to be a more evenly matched competition. It wasn't until Camille Abily and Eugénie Le Sommer scored within a minute between each other that it was shown it wasn't going to be an easy one for the United States. 

The USWNT looks for revenge over France | Photo: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
The USWNT looks for revenge over France | Photo: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Just like last year the United States was able to pull a 1-0 win over Germany with a goal from Megan Rapine in the 17th minute. This time, the United States were in brutal conditions and were still able to create movement in the attack. With a team filled with youth, the Americans might struggle against an experienced French team if France is able to recover from last game. The United States will have much better conditions at Red Bull Arena and will look to return the favor of defeat the French gave them last season.

The United States will take on France on March 4th at 12:00 pm ET at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey. If you are unable to make it to the game make sure to watch the game on ESPN 2. You can also follow along with VAVEL USA with live updates from Aaron Bellamy