Corruption, Intimidation, Bribery and Lies
Doncaster, Longmuir and Regan.

Oh what a tangled web they weaved to protect the cheats by deceitful ways.


That stench you've been smelling throughout Scottish football - for all these years - has finally been isolated and narrowed down to just two areas of Glasgow; Ibrox and Hampden. Both these areas completely ran out of air-fresheners some time ago but, they've been frantically telling anyone who would listen that the rancid odours assaulting ones nasal passages were actually just the whiff of the finest succulent lamb being prepared in the respective kitchens of both establishments.


Having failed spectacularly to convince anyone over the source of said stench, they then did what any self respecting liars would do by trying to redefine what actually constituted a 'stench' in the first place. However, should that cunning ruse fail to convince, they have decided to just reconstruct the various levels of stench so that the manure foundation doesn't taint or constrict the new weed which they want to grow and prosper at the expense of all the other flowers in the garden.


It makes no difference whether it is a statement from the SFA, SPL or SFL because every utterance that slithers its way out of their shared offices at Hampden is either an outright lie, an embellishment, a direct threat, an intended bribe or a deliberate exaggeration of the facts.


There is nothing that Neil Doncaster, Stewart Regan, David Longmuir, Campbell Ogilvie and Jim Ballantyne (amongst others ) would not attempt to pervert in order to give Sevco Scotland Ltd as soft a landing and at as high an altitude as possible.


The sheer scale and depth of the collusion and complete disregard for their own rules is best exemplified by SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, and SFL President, Jim Ballantyne, both being shareholders in the tax cheats and dual contract specialists formerly known as Rangers FC.


Most shockingly of all, though, Oglivie was actually a significant beneficiary of the Rangers EBT scheme yet is still allowed to influence this charade as President of the National association. With the full backing of his shameless Chief Executive, Stewart Regan. I might add.


Allowing the con and scam artists at the SFA, SPL and SFL to continue to oversee this is akin to asking Al Capone to police himself, prosecute himself and then decide on what punishment he should receive before finally announcing that, seeing as he has since changed his name to Sevco Capone, he now has no case to answer! And should, in actual fact, now be parachuted into a position as a Supreme Court Judge - where he would then rule that he also be allowed to keep all the ill-gotten gains of Al Capone (deceased and now sleeping with the fishes) because 'it is in the best interests of criminals everywhere'.


The SFA had already corrupted their own rules, regulations and articles of association by granting Rangers a licence to play in last seasons competitions – both domestically and in Europe – when the small matter of the outstanding 'wee tax bill' was deliberately ignored, then fudged, and then shamelessly excused with a nod and wink and a handshake when this blatant breach was inconveniently pointed out to them.


It should also not be forgotten that it was this issue which led directly to Stewart Regan blocking people from his Twitter account. Lie, deny, deflect and then block.


Lets now look at how that first licence lie then snowballed into a ever increasing series of Rangers cluster bombs:


Denying other member clubs European places and monies.

Trading whilst insolvent.

Competing whilst wilfully withholding all tax and national insurance contributions.

Not paying football debts as they fell due.

Failure to produce up-to-date accounts.

A club – and administrators – happily sticking two fingers up at authorities and creditors alike.


The cowards in those shared Hampden offices had all the facts and evidence to kill Rangers off, once and for all, at the end of last season. That they all chose not to do so merely underlines their shared complicity in the ongoing Rangers Protection Racket and the corruption at the very top levels of our game.


Still no action taken over the use of dual contracts and the improper registrations of players. Still no action or punishment for taking the National association to court. Still no action against various representatives of Rangers/Sevco issuing threats and attempting to incite mob violence against employees and directors of other member clubs.


No, instead of finally getting around to taking any action against Rangers/Sevco the Scottish footballing authorities instead decided to drop any pretence of impartiality and actually joined Rangers/Sevco in issuing direct threats to the member clubs of all divisions.


That simply cannot be allowed to go unchallenged and unpunished.


I hope that supporters of all clubs will continue their great work by banding together to take those at the SFA and SPL, who were directly involved in this scam, to a court of law - where hopefully they will all be held fully accountable for their actions.


You see, the thing about lies is that once you start telling them you are then left with no choice but to continue to perpetuate the initial lie – unless you admit the lie, of course. But the SFA don't do admitting liability. That's because they are the liability. And the only way a liar can later deny a lie is by telling an even bigger lie in an attempt to reinforce and cover for the first one. The SFA are past - and present - masters of this dark art.


Regardless of what the coming days and weeks may bring, it is those sordid, Rangers protecting dark arts that have killed Scottish football.