2019 Women’s World Cup Qualification (UEFA): Group 7 Roundup

2019 Women’s World Cup Qualification (UEFA): Group 7 Roundup

A Euro 2017 rematch and one team looks to be almost confirmed

Chloe Leadbeater

It looks like Spain could confirm their place in the World Cup in their next match after two wins from two, which included a Euro 2017 rematch.

Thursday 5th April

Austria 1-1 Serbia

Austria had probably their best performances back at the Euros making it to the semi finals. However, their form in World Cup qualifying seems to be indifferent. They kicked off their campaign with a 4-0 win over Serbia but found themselves on the wrong end when Marija Radojicic put the Serbs ahead just a few minutes in. Luckily for the Austrians, Aleksandra Lazarevic scored an own goal to put them back in it. The Austrians did have the most attempts this match but unfortunately, most of them were off target and the Austrians escaped with a lucky point.

Friday 6th April

Finland 0-2 Spain

Spain were another team that managed to get through to the knockout stages of the Euros but that was by the skin of their teeth. They had beaten Portugal 2-0 but succumbed to a 2-0 loss by England and Scotland beat them 1-0. It looks like they have really used this as motivation and are a class above in this group. They dispatched Finland 2-0 who are now managed by then Scotland boss Anna Signeul.

The captain Irene Paredes put La Roja ahead in just 11 minutes. Finland did manage to hold on but with Spain having all the attempts, time would tell if they would crack under the pressure. They did and Olga Garcia, with her first goal of the campaign, doubled the lead.

Tuesday 10th April

Israel 0-1 Serbia

With the top spot in the group almost locked up, the race for second place and possible play off action is way more tight with three teams competing for that one spot. One of those is Serbia who beat Israel and they sit in last in the group. It was a tough game for both with fairly equal attempts on goal but the Serbs made it count an hour in. Milica Stankovic got the only goal of the game.

Austria 0-1 Spain

This two teams had last met at the Euros. It was Austria's time then although it was a close game. It took Austria penalties to get through to the semi finals. Again, it was close but the result switched just a year on from that match.

Spain are a team revitalised and they got all 3 points when Jennifer Hermoso scored an hour into the match. This was a crucial time to gain points with Austria trailing them in second.

What next?

Spain are almost assured of an automatic qualification spot and could lock it up when they face Israel. They thrashed them 6-0 early on so a win looks likely.

The real drama is for second place. Austria currently sit there on seven points after five games. They face Finland home and away as well as Israel away. Finland have the advantage as they have the same amount of points but with a game in hand. Their run in features Austria home and away, Serbia away and Spain away. Serbia are the outsiders with six games played and might have to rely on other results.