As it happened: Salah's first half goal seals win over Huddersfield
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19:424 years ago
That's all from us this evening. Salah's goal is the difference between the sides as Liverpool return to Anfield with all three points. VAVEL UK has all of the post-match coverage and quotes for tonight's game, so be sure to stick with us for all things Liverpool and the Premier League. I've been Maxwell Hogg, and it's been a pleasure as always. Until next time!
19:334 years ago

Salah's Game Winner

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19:284 years ago
It wasn't easy for the Reds, who faced plenty of trouble against Huddersfield pressing tonight. The Liverpool defense was being constantly bombarded with crosses from both sides, but Lovren and van Dijk stood tall in the center of the defense. Robertson and Gomez also closed down well and covered for the centrebacks when needed. Just further proof that Liverpool have managed to patch up their leaky defense and become one of the strongest defenses in the league.
19:254 years ago

Fulltime! Huddersfield 0-1 Liverpool

The whistle blows for full-time as Liverpool hang on to the 1-0 victory. The Reds undefeated league season rolls on, while Huddersfield's misery continues. Along with Newcastle United, the Terriers are winless through the first nine games of the season.
19:214 years ago


Adam Diakhaby comes on for Hogg and almost sets up a goal immediately. He gets past one defender and almost past van Dijk as well. The Dutchman closes down the angle and is able to clear the ball with some help from Alisson.
19:204 years ago


The board goes up, and there will be four minutes of extra time. Liverpool is looking strong and will probably be able to hold to their narrow lead.
19:184 years ago


Sturridge and Salah combine well to set up Firmino at the top of the box for the shot. He has plenty of space for the shot but fires high and wide as he can't get the shot right.
19:164 years ago


Shaqiri nearly finds Salah in the box, but Schindler gets just a toe to the ball to send it wide. Time is running out for Huddersfield.
19:144 years ago


The corner is into a dangerous space of the box, but Robertson rises highest to clear the danger. Liverpool break on the counter, but Firmino picks the wrong option, passing to Salah while Shaqiri was unmarked. Lowe beats Salah to the ball, and the counter attack is dead.
19:134 years ago


Cheers ring around John Smith's Stadium after Firmino is whistled for a handball. This is followed by a good bit of possession around the Liverpool box, and the home side earn a corner kick.
19:124 years ago


Huddersfield nearly find the equalizer after a cross from Isaac Mbenza gets past both van Dijk and Lovren. Mounie gets on the end of it but gets his shot all wrong as he fires over the bar. You don't see van Dijk make too many mistakes. That one could have been costly.
19:084 years ago


Firmino plays Salah into the box, but has no shot available. He tries to pick out Shaqiri with a low pass to the back post, but Schindler is alert to the danger and cuts it out.
19:064 years ago


Milner makes way for Firmino as Klopp makes his final substitution of the evening.
19:054 years ago


Liverpool take a corner kick, but Oliver blows the whistle right after the kick for a foul. Sturridge plays on and takes a shot, earning a yellow card for his trouble.
19:034 years ago


Shaqiri plays a great ball in for the overlapping Robertson. He plays a low cross on his first touch, but there were too many Huddersfield shirts in the way as Schindler clears the ball.
19:004 years ago


Lallana's night is done. He walks off of his own volition. Seems he was planned to come off before the tackle anyways. Fabinho comes on to make his Premier League debut. Billing is also done for the night, making way for Steve Mounie. Excellent performance from Billing today.
18:584 years ago


Billing goes in hard of Lallana to beat him to the ball. He plays the ball to Mooy who tries to find Depoitre with a cross, but van Dijk is first to the ball. Liverpool clear the ball in order for Lallana to receive treatment. Looks like he took a stamp to the ankle on accident from Billing.
18:554 years ago


Liverpool try to break on the counter attack, but Schindler takes down Sturridge with force from behind. Somehow the defender gets off with just a warning.
18:534 years ago


Salah gets on the end of a long ball in between the centrebacks as he finds the space perfectly. He settles the ball off his chest before letting off a low shot. The ball beats Lossl but barely goes wide.
18:494 years ago


Liverpool break down the pitch on the counter attack through excellent passing between Sturridge, Salah and Gomez. The ball is laid off for Salah at the edge of the box, but he is closed down immediately as his shot goes behind for the corner.
18:444 years ago


Huddersfield come down the pitch and force a save from Alisson. Depoitre got his head to an early cross, and he sent toward the bottom right corner. A brilliant diving save from Alisson denies him the goal as the Liverpool keeper catches confidently in his hands.
18:434 years ago


Clean footwork on the sideline by Shaqiri sees Sturridge down the right wing on the counter attack. He plays the pass early to Salah, but Schindler ushers the ball out for a throw in.
18:394 years ago


Hogg takes down Wijnaldum from behind and is lucky to get away with just a warning. Wijnaldum was beyond Hogg and got stamped on the back heel by the Huddersfield midfielder, which was far worse than Lallana's yellow card from earlier.
18:374 years ago


Another curling shot by Sturridge, this time from the top of the box. While still not on target, that attempt at least demanded Lossl's attention as it was significantly closer to finding the corner than Sturridge's last shot.
18:364 years ago


Sturridge has the ball in the box and gets one step on Schindler to try a curler, but the shot is poor as it flies into the stands.
18:354 years ago

Second Half!

The home side gets the second half started. Liverpool make one change at the half, with Wijnaldum coming in for Jordan Henderson. Milner gets the captain's armband as Henderson makes way.
18:254 years ago
Billing has been brilliant for the home side, timing all his runs perfectly and getting through the Liverpool defense multiple times. If it weren't for some smart tackles by Gomez, Billing may have found the equalizer in the first half. Beyond his runs, he has also opened up space for Depoitre and Pritchard to work in the middle of the offense.
18:224 years ago

Halftime! Huddersfield 0-1 Liverpool

The visitors end the half on top thanks to a clinical finish by Salah, but don't count the Terriers out yet. Huddersfield looked to be firmly in control of the final 15 minutes or so of the half and really tested the Liverpool defense's resolve. 
18:194 years ago


Huddersfield are completely in control as the final seconds of the half count down. The home side launches one last attack up the field to Billing, but the ball is over his head as it sails out for a goal kick.
18:164 years ago


Pritchard gets the ball off the shoulder of van Dijk and lifts the ball over into the back of the net. However, the celebrations are short-lived as the flag went up on the far side. Replay showed this to be the right call as Pritchard's torso was beyond the last defender.
18:144 years ago


Big penalty shout from the home crowd, and they aren't wrong in their cries. Depoitre tries to find Pritchard, but a hand from Lovren impedes the pass. Oliver was in perfect position to see the offense but apparently missed it. Huddersfield have plenty to complain about. Quite the obvious handball.
18:124 years ago


Huddersfield break down the field as Alex Pritchard slides the ball in for Billing. He only needed to take one touch to get the shot off, but Gomez does well to close down and take the ball off Billing to see off the danger.
18:104 years ago


Billing steps up to a free kick from a long way out. He decides to go for goal, and his shot looked good with plenty of pace and curve. But it just narrowly misses the top corner. Even if the shot was on target, it looks like Alisson had the corner covered.
18:084 years ago


Lallana picks the ball off Billing, but his touch is too heavy as Lowe clears the ball. Lallana can't pull back his run and crashes into the defender. Michael Oliver doesn't hesitate for a second as he flashes the yellow card for the Liverpool man.
18:044 years ago


A long ball over the top finds Depoitre who fought off Lovren to win the ball. He plays it to Durm who plays the ball into the box. The ball spills to the top of the box, and Jonathan Hogg hits his shot in stride. The strike is well hit and beats Alisson, but the ball slams off the post and back into play. Really close to the equalizer there.
18:004 years ago


Huddersfield with plenty of possession in the Liverpool third, but can't get the ball into the box. The Terriers are pressing Liverpool well and have really unsettled the visitors.
17:584 years ago


Florent Hadergjonaj breaks down the wing and does well to pick out Depoitre at the top the box. The forward nearly gets a clean shot off, but Lovren closes him down to send the ball behind for a corner.
17:574 years ago

24' GOAL! Huddersfield 0-1 Liverpool

Gomez starts the play from the midfield, splitting two defenders with a pass to Shaqiri. He holds off on the pass with perfect timing and plays Salah in off the shoulder of Schindler. Liverpool's star man faces a tight angle, but is able to beat Jonas Lossl at his far post. The finish was reminiscent of Salah of last year, reminding everyone of his quality.
17:544 years ago


Brilliant passing from Liverpool as they move the ball through the midfield with ease. Salah tries to play the ball back to Sturridge on a one-two, but he was completely covered as Huddersfield clears the ball.
17:494 years ago


Gomez and Durm have a wrestling match on the sideline for the ball, and the Liverpool man comes out on top to clear the ball up field. Salah tries to find Sturridge on the counter, but the pass is poor as it sails behind the run of Sturridge.
17:484 years ago


Andrew Robertson plays an early ball into a dangerous area of the box, but the Huddersfield defense clears the danger to the edge of the box. Gomez comes striding to hit the ball, but there is too much traffic as it fizzles out for a throw in. Chris Lowe is slow to get up for the Terriers. Replay shows he took a big kick from Gomez on the shot. The physios check him out, and he is good to go.
17:444 years ago


Milner lofts a long ball upfield towards Shaqiri, but the Swiss forward is far too short to be able to even challenge Christopher Schindler for the ball.
17:424 years ago


A risky backpass to Dejan Lovren nearly spells disaster for Liverpool. The Croatian got to the ball first, but Laurent Depoitre was able to block Alisson's attempt at clearing the ball to send it behind. Almost an a costly mistake by the Reds.
17:394 years ago


A bit of poor passing from Sturridge so far. He's already had multiple poor pass decisions, and now he misreads Lallana's run that would have sent him in on goal.
17:384 years ago


Huddersfield advance the ball well up the right wing and move the ball around the perimeter of the box. The build up play looked good, but a poor pass was too easy for Gomez to intercept as the play broke down. 
17:364 years ago


A long ball nearly finds Erik Durm, but Gomez does well to beat him to it and play the ball back to Alisson. Good show from Gomez in the fullback position.
17:334 years ago


We are underway as Liverpool gets us started. Liverpool pass around the back in the early minutes as the visitors take a slow, methodical approach.
17:274 years ago
Kick-off is coming up shortly as the fans fill in the seats at John Smith's Stadium. Don't go anywhere, because VAVEL UK has you covered on all of the action from today's matchup.
17:004 years ago
Chelsea and Manchester United played to a 2-2 draw after Ross Barkley snagged a point at the death. Manchester City just got finished routing Burnley 5-0 and sit alone atop the Premier League table for the time being. A Liverpool win today will help the title hopefuls keep pace with their rivals in the chase for Premier League silverware.
16:574 years ago

Changes In The Wrong Part Of The Field?

While change will be welcomed in the Liverpool side, criticism has been heavy on the midfield. You can't blame Klopp for switching it up and giving Sturridge the nod after a string of brilliant performances off the bench, but is Lallana all the midfield needs to start producing more? Fabinho has yet to make Premier League start and has had minimal minutes in a red shirt. Should the summer signing have made the starting lineup against lesser competition?
16:534 years ago
Sturridge and Shaqiri both get the starts they deserve, but at the expense of Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian isn't struggling for fitness, so Klopp is most likely cycling through his options in order to freshen up his offense that has been stagnant, scoring only one goal in their last three games in all competitions.
16:484 years ago
Mane misses out today while nursing a broken thumb, while Salah and van Dijk are good to go. Milner has recovered from his hamstring injury from two weeks ago, but Lallana still finds a spot in the starting eleven, beating out Geoginio Wijnaldum for the start.
16:464 years ago
While Williams and Smith have lost their race to be fit, Mooy has recovered and starts in the Huddersfield midfield. The surprising inclusion today is Billing, who has seemingly made full recovery from an ankle injury and also finds a spot in the starting lineup.
16:424 years ago

Liverpool Substitutes

Mignolet, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Firmino, Origi, Matip, Alexander-Arnold
16:414 years ago

Liverpool Starting XI

Alisson, Gomez, Lovren, van Dijk, Robertson; Milner, Henderson, Lallana; Salah, Sturridge, Shaqiri
16:394 years ago

Huddersfield Town Substitutes

Hamer, Bacuna, Diakhaby, van La Parra, Mbenza, Mounie, Stankovic
16:374 years ago

Huddersfield Town Starting XI

Lossl; Zanka, Schindler, Lowe; Hadergjonej, Mooy, Hogg, Billing, Durm; Pritchard, Depoitre
16:354 years ago
The team sheets are in, and the Reds have predictably made some switches to their starting XI while Huddersfield have had some key victories on the injury front.
23:494 years ago
The team sheet should be released roughly an hour prior to kick-off at 4:30 p.m. We'll make sure to have the lineups posted as soon as they are available, so be sure to check back with us here at VAVEL UK as we'll have all the team news you need to know leading into today's match.
23:454 years ago
Wagner has a bit more to worry about in regards to injury. Terrence Kongolo and Philip Billing are both ways away from returning for Huddersfield, and Aaron Mooy, Danny Williams and Tom Smith are in a race to be fit for kick-off.
23:414 years ago
Klopp confirmed earlier in the week that Naby Keita would be unavailable after suffering a hamstring injury, but defensive stalwart Virgil van Dijk has zero concerns regarding his health. Lallana could also feature in the midfield, or it could be a first Premier League start for Fabinho. James Milner was a doubt at first but has seemingly recovered in time to feature today.
23:374 years ago
If Mane and Salah are ruled out, look for Xherdan Shaqiri and Daniel Sturridge to fill the gaps. Both have had impressive performances off the bench, but this would be a first Premier League start for either men. Adam Lallana has also returned to the side and could vie for a spot in the starting eleven.
23:324 years ago
The prolific front three of Liverpool have yet to reach the same heights of their free scoring success from last season, but the defense has helped the Reds secure wins regardless. Today's front three will most likely have a different look as Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah may miss out on the trip. Klopp has yet to rule the two wingers out but hasn't given a definite answer on their status after they both sustained injuries during the international break.
23:274 years ago
While Huddersfield defense has been poor so far, Liverpool's back line has only allowed three goals in eight games. The Reds defense should have another solid outing against a Huddersfield side that has only managed four goals on the season.
23:244 years ago
Liverpool have also had long-term success at John Smith's Stadium with their last loss at the ground coming in 1959. Huddersfield also haven't won in front of their home crowd since April 14th, when they beat Watford 1-0. Unless the Terriers put in a world-class performance, you can probably expect that streak to continue.
23:154 years ago
The host's come into this one with a shocking edge in the all-time record with 31 wins to Liverpool's 29, drawing 17 times in 77 in meetings. However, that stat is old news as Huddersfield have yet to find victory over Liverpool in the Premier League.
23:054 years ago
Huddersfield's schedule to start season has been as tough as they get, facing Spurs, Chelsea and City in their first eight. While their opponents today have done the same, Huddersfield has been completely swept away in their tough fixtures and have failed to earn results against comparable competition such as Cardiff City and Crystal Palace, placing them firmly in depths of the table. A single point against Liverpool would be considered a huge victory in the long run.
22:584 years ago
The Terriers have had a less than ideal start to their season, earning only three points from their opening three fixtures. The stern defense that defined this side early last season hasn't been replicated as they have conceded 17 goals in eight games, the joint second worst record in the league.
22:534 years ago
Liverpool come into this one after a tough stretch fixtures, playing Spurs, Paris Saint Germain, Napoli, Manchester City and Chelsea twice in less than a month's time. While they remain undefeated in the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp's side has drawn its last two matches and will be looking to come out of the international break with a win against David Wagner's struggling Huddersfield Town.
22:484 years ago
Hello and welcome to VAVEL UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of this evening's matchup between Huddersfield Town and Liverpool at John Smith's Stadium. I'm Maxwell Hogg and will be providing you with all the updates and action for today's Premier League clash.