Dele Alli insists there is more to his game than the stats show 
Source: Getty Images/Alex Morton 

Dele Alli is heading for his fifth season at Tottenham Hotspur and wants to be known for other attributes rather than just goals and assists, he told Tottenham’s official website. 

"It would be nice to get a few more goals and assists this season but that’s not what my whole game is based on."

Stunning first two seasons

The English midfielder stunned the Premier League with 32 goals in his first two seasons at the club.

However, with his numbers dropping last season, managing a total of 15 goals and assists, the 23-year-old faced a lot of criticism for supposedly underperforming, although Dele now wants people to be known as an all-round midfielder rather than just attacking. 

"People expect that to be my game but as a midfielder, I don’t think that’s just what it’s all about," he said. 

"We have defensive work as well, making space for other players and getting goals and assists as well. That’s what I judge my game on."

Dele, who joined Tottenham in 2015, age 19, has become one of the club’s most important players over the years.

The young Englishman has 53 goals in 184 matches for the club, named PFA Young Player of the Year twice and is an England regular, however, Dele has admitted he has not reached his heights yet as he spoke of his desire to win silverware in Tottenham’s upcoming 2019/20 campaign.

"I feel excited, we’re expecting big things. Every year we’ve shown improvement as a team," he added. 

"We’ve had years where we’ve been so close and now it’s time to get over the line and start winning things.

"It’s a team game, so winning as a team is the main thing for me. To get some goals and assists would be nice but the main thing is to win things as a team. That’s all that matters."