As It Happened : Rangers take two goal advantage against Progres Niederkorn
Kenny Miller scored the only goal when these sides met at Ibrox in 2017. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)


21:453 years ago

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Rangers take a 2-0 lead over to Luxembourg in the 2nd leg next Thursday, but the tie is still alive, and with the history of the previous meeting in 2017, they will have to be alert of a tricky trip to Luxembourg.

21:423 years ago

FULL TIME - Rangers 2 - 0 Progres

The referee blows the full time whistle and it's over at Ibrox Stadium. Steven Gerrard stands in his technical area staring out onto the pitch. There may be a slight feeling that it is not quite as comfortable as they hoped, especially with the number of chances, and a missed penalty.

Rangers 2-0 Progres Niederkorn.

21:383 years ago
94' A late opportunity for Progres as they flash a ball across goal but nobody is there to pick it up.

Rangers with a chance to break now, the crowd roar the home side forward in search of a third, but the referee has a look at his watch

21:373 years ago
92' A dangerous ball in from Aribo, it's spilled by Flauss. Rangers players are lining up to have a go at goal, but a great recovery from the Progres goalkeeper keepers Rangers out. He's conceded two, but Flauss has had a very good game at the same time, called into action a number of times. 
21:343 years ago
89' Four minutes of additional time signalled by the fourth official.
21:333 years ago

Red Card (Progres) - Laterza

88' Rangers attempt to break from defending the corner. Laterza is holding Defoe who tries to take the ball down. He stops the little striker from turning and breaking. The referee blows the whistle and Laterza still hasn't let go!

Over comes the ref, and shows Laterza a 2nd yellow card, then red and he is off!

21:313 years ago
87' Progres have the ball down on the left wing with Francoise. He tries to get round the Rangers defence and wins a late corner.

Its sent in, Francoise directs it towards goal from the edge of the 6 yard box, McGregor doesn't know where the ball is! It's eventually cleared and the danger passes again for Rangers.

21:303 years ago
85' Matias Marques commits the foul, Rangers with a free kick halfway into the Progres half. The ball is sent to the back post, Goldson tries to header back across goal, but he doesn't catch it correctly.
21:293 years ago

Substitution (Progres) - Tekiela Off Francoise On

81' A name that anyone who watched the last meeting between these two sides might recognise.

Emmanuel Francoise, who scored the tie-equalising goal for Progres in Luxembourg back in 2017 comes onto the pitch, and off goes Tekiela. 

Will Francoise strike again?

21:263 years ago

Substitution (Rangers) - Ojo Off Stewart On

81' The goalscorer of Rangers second of the night makes way and is replaced by Greg Stewart.
21:253 years ago
80' Lovely move from Rangers as Jack glides forward, giving the ball to Defoe, who backheels it back into the path of the charging Ryan Jack, another cracking curling effort from Rangers ends up in the back of the net, but another offside flag rules this one out.

Rangers just can't quite get this 3rd goal.

21:233 years ago
79' Allan McGregor is called into action for the first time of the night. Mmaee is breaking forward again, in behind the Rangers defence and 1 on 1 with McGregor, who rushes out and saves that one confidently.

The shake of the head from McGregor means he isn't happy with his defence there!

21:223 years ago
78' Defoe dances on the edge of the box, inside the D. Scoops a high shot towards goal but Flauss in the Niederkorn goal deals with that one.
21:213 years ago
76' Jordan Jones bursting down the left, makes his way into the box and Jones and the chasing defender go to ground. Referee gives a free kick to the side from Luxembourg, but Jones is questioning if that is another penalty.
21:203 years ago

Substitution (Rangers) - Defoe On Morelos Off

75' Jermaine Defoe is ready to enter the game, and the board shows he will be replacing Alfredo Morelos.

Steven Gerrard must be looking for his side to get a 3rd goal

21:193 years ago
72' Progres attacking down the right and manage to win a corner. Ibrox Stadium goes silent temporarily as the corner is sent in to the back post. The defence don't attack the ball and Progres have a free shot that is sent over.

Grumbles from the crowd in blue who are well aware that Progres can pounce at any moment.

21:163 years ago

Booking - Aribo (Rangers)

70' Aribo goes into the referee's book for what looked to be a bit of a frustrating challenge after losing possession.
21:153 years ago

Penalty Missed - Tavernier (Rangers)

68' James Tavernier, Rangers regular penalty taker steps up confidently. Struck with the inside of the right boot, directed towards the goalkeepers left, but it crashes off the post and the power means no player can follow up. 

It's still Rangers 2-0 Progress Niederkorn

21:133 years ago

Penalty - Rangers

67' Jordan Jones driving into the box, just on for Rangers and goes down running between two Progres defenders. He takes a knock on the ground as well, and the referee points for penalty to Rangers.
21:113 years ago

Substitution (Rangers) - Arfield Off Jones On

65' Rangers make the change as Scott Arfield, who has featured for Canada in International duty over the Summer is replaced by Jordan Jones.
21:103 years ago
64' Goalkeeper pushes the corner away. Tavernier tries a dipping shot from long range, but it's taken into the chest by keeper Flauss.
21:093 years ago
63' Morelos in the box, looks to shoot, pauses once, twice, the ball then ricochets and the keeper Flauss has got it wrong. He has to scramble to stop Ryan Jack from tapping it into the net, and Flauss gets his fingertips to push it away. Ryan Jack has collided with the post in the process and will require treatment off the pitch. Corner to Rangers
21:073 years ago
62' Aribo is played in behind the defence of the Luxembourg side. He sends a ball across the 6 yard box, Ojo is stretching, but can't quite reach it. Ojo feels like he was being pulled, but the ball was possibly just a yard too far in front of him.
21:043 years ago
59' Arfield is still searching for his goal. Ojo passes to Davis, into the path of Arfield who dribbles across the edge of the box, but Progres close him down. Morelos tries a shot from a narrow angle but it's closed down. Referee signals a goal kick, which the Colombian striker isn't too happy with.
21:013 years ago
57' Mmaee has given Progres something new in his 12 minutes on the pitch so far. He chases a ball down to the byline of the Rangers box and it's put out for a corner to Progres.

Marques rises to meet the ball but the ball is comes off the head of Goldson first and deflects of the Progres man. Goal Kick to Rangers.

21:003 years ago
55' That makes it a bit more comfortable for Rangers. Games like this can sometimes go on and on and the side in control struggle to get that 2nd goal. With 35 minutes still to play, Rangers will feel they can get a few more.
20:583 years ago

GOAL! Rangers 2-0 Progres (Ojo)

54' Quick corner from Rangers on the left as Ojo arrives short on the edge of the box. He cooly sidesteps into the box and hooks a shot with the right foot to the far post and it nestles into the net.

Rangers 2-0 Progres Niederkorn

20:573 years ago
53' Arfield finds himself at the back of the box again but the keeper rushes out and prevents him yet again
20:563 years ago
52' Morelos tries a quick attack down the right, he's brought down on the the touchline as he tries to move into the box. 

Tavernier readies the free kick but the ball trickles through to Flauss and the attack is over.

20:553 years ago
50' Hall is back on for Progres as they look to come forward. Substitute Mmaee gets a second attempt at creating something in the middle. The ball is worked out right and is driven across the 6 yard box. McGregor tries to collect but the ball is loose and Progres' excitement is brought to a stop as the assistant has the flag up on the far side.
20:533 years ago
48' Play is stopped as Hall is down in the Progres defence. He requires treatment, and it could mean a 3rd substitution for the away side
20:513 years ago
47' Edmundson finds himself with the ball in the middle of the attacking half for Rangers. He takes a couple of steps forward, looks up, but drags his shot wide of the left post.
20:503 years ago

Second Half Underway

46' Rangers are back out to get the second half underway and take kick-off
20:493 years ago

Substitution (Progres) - Mmaee On Muratovic Off

45' Progres make their second change of the game, with a swap before the second half gets underway.
20:483 years ago
HT : Progres are the first to come back out for the second half, as the away side make their way back onto the pitch.
20:383 years ago

HALF TIME : Rangers 1-0 Progres Niederkorn

It has been all Rangers in that first half. It didn't take them long to signal their intent as the home side sent in cross after cross for Progres to contend with.

Joe Aribo opened the scoring on the 20th minute with a perfectly placed, curling shot, low beyond goalkeeper Flauss. 

They could've had a 2nd goal, as Ojo slotted the ball beyond the keeper on the 45th minute, but the assistant had raised the flag to deny him. 

Rangers might be asking how it's still only one, but there is another 45 minutes to come.

20:343 years ago

Added Time 1 Minute

One minute of additional time shown from the fourth official
20:333 years ago
45' Rangers have the ball in the net again, but the flag is up on the far side. Steven Davis smashes a shot which is spilled by Flauss. The ball is at the feet of Ojo who takes a touch to evade the defender and he puts the ball in the net with his right foot, but the referee signals that the flag is up for offside. 
20:313 years ago
43' Halliday skips beyond two Progres Niederkorn players and then takes part in a heavy 50-50 challenge with another. The ball is out for a corner as the home fans appreciate the effort. The corner from Ojo is too high and the danger is over.
20:293 years ago
42' Morelos is on the ground in his own half after getting caught in between the legs of Matias Marques, who came on as a subsitute this half. After a bit of recovery time, Morelos is back to his feet and Rangers have a defensive free-kick.
20:283 years ago
40' Morelos and Arfield exchange passes as Rangers steal possession. Ojo makes the run on the right, he tries to chip a ball into the box and it almost catches Flauss out at the back post, but the ball bounces past the post and out for a goal kick.
20:273 years ago
38' Muratovic turns beautifully in defence, but his pass his wayward. Aribo with a lovely move into the box, the ball played to Arfield but he can't quite squeeze the strike under the goalkeeper. Still, Rangers 1 Progres 0 at Ibrox Stadium.
20:243 years ago
37' The corner comes to nothing, Progres Niederkorn try to move forward again but give away possession. Ojo crosses from the right but the ball is confidently chested into the hands of Flauss, the Progres goalkeeper.
20:233 years ago
36' Rangers on the attack yet again with a diagonal ball from the right finding Halliday who has crept in the box behind the Progres defence. His cutback is too heavy, but Rangers win another corner
20:213 years ago

Subsitution - Skenderovic Off - Matias Marques On

33' An early change from the away side as Skenderovic makes way for Matias Marques. Skenderovic has committed a couple of fouls, but there wasn't any evident injury
20:193 years ago
32' An early cross from Tavernier and Arfield is on the box all on his own. He stretches to get his head to the ball, but the header is soft and Flauss manages to get across to collect the ball in his gloves
20:183 years ago
30' Well it has been a frantic first 30 minutes at Ibrox Stadium. Attack after attack from Rangers and some tidy quick movement around the edge of the box from the home side. It has been raining crosses on the Progres Niederkorn goalkeeper and defence too, but it's still only 1-0 to Rangers.
20:163 years ago
29' What a goal that would have been. Aribo takes the ball from Jack's toes, looks up and sees Morelos in the box. Aribo plays the reverse pass and Morelos strikes it on the turn, but it's just wide
20:113 years ago
24' Rangers win a free kick on the right side. Tavernier floats the ball in but it's headed away for another corner and now Progres try and break but Edmundson cuts out the danger
20:103 years ago
22' Rangers on the attack again Halliday finds space in the box and his low shot is pushed away by the goalkeeper. Rangers win another corner. Goldson misses the header and the ball is retrieved by Morelos. He moves into the box from the left but his shot is too high
20:093 years ago

GOAL! Rangers 1 - 0 Progres (Aribo)

20' Rangers are holding the ball on the left. Arfield picks it up and turns and gives it to Aribo who dribbles to the edge of the box and picks his spot as he curls a beautiful shot beyond Flauss.

Rangers 1-0 Progres Niederkorn

20:053 years ago
17' Halliday delivers this time, deep from the left side for Rangers. The ball drops to the feet of Morelos, he takes a touch but the defender in yellow slides and turns and blocks the shot with what looked to be his shoulder blade, and Progres take try to go on the attack
20:033 years ago
16' Ball is whipped in dangerously to the back post from the corner, but it's over the top of everyone and goes out for a throw-in
20:023 years ago
'15 Progres win a corner on the far side. It comes to nothing but the men from Luxembourg try again, the cross is blocked and out for another corner
20:003 years ago
12' Free Kick on the left for Rangers, a few yards out from the corner flag. The delivery is punched away by the Progres goalkeeper. Rangers try again but the ball goes out for a goal kick.
19:593 years ago

Booking - Laterza (Progres)

11' Yellow Card for Laterza (Progres Niederkorn)
19:593 years ago
9' Pacey run down the right wing by Ojo, but his cross doesn't quite make the head of Morelos. Progres clear, but Rangers drive forward again
19:553 years ago
8' Morelos picks up a ball on the right and drives into the box before drilling a shot across the six yard box, but it's collected cleanly by Flauss.
19:543 years ago
7' Aribo and Davis with a nice 1-2 on the left edge of the box. Aribo's cross is blocked and it's another Rangers corner
19:543 years ago
6' Rangers coming down the right side through Jack and the Progres Niederkorn keeper misjudges another cross, but the danger is cleared
19:523 years ago
5' And a chance for Progres as they break on Rangers through the middle and shot is drilled towards goals, but McGregor can collect at the second attempt. 
19:503 years ago
4' Tavernier whips in a delivery from the right and the Progres keeper has to tip over the bar
19:503 years ago
2' Rangers holding early possession from kick-off and trying to apply early pressure
19:483 years ago
0' Progres Niederkorn get the game underway
19:473 years ago

Teams take to the pitch

And out come the sides as Rangers take to the pitch in their blue shirts, white shorts and black socks.

Progres are in their yellow and black shirts, black shorts with yellow trim and yellow socks.

19:433 years ago

Five Minutes to go

It has been a glorious day in Glasgow, with temperatures in the city reaching into the early thirties!

The pitch looks perfect, the fans are filling the stands and the teams will be emerging from the tunnel shortly...

19:403 years ago

Previous Meeting : Progress for Rangers?

As the fans make their way into Ibrox Stadium this evening, the home support will be hoping to banish the memories of the last time these sides met in Europe. 

After the first leg at Ibrox Stadium, Rangers travelled to Luxembourg for the 2nd leg, taking a 1-0 lead over, thanks to a Kenny Miller goal.

In the 66th minute, Progres Niederkorn levelled the tie as Emmanuel Francoise scored for the home side. 

With 15 minutes to go, Progres captain, Sebastien Thill's free kick rolled through everyone and ended up in the net to seal the sides first European success.

In the aftermath, pictures of then manager Pedro Caixinha standing in a hedge exchanging views with Gers' fans, became the poster of the sides disappointment.

Steven Gerrard is well aware of the history, and wants Rangers to show how far they have moved on.

19:223 years ago

Progres Changes

The side from Luxembourg make two changes to the starting line-up that edged through against Cork City last Thursday.

Captain, and game-winner the last time these sides met, Sebastian Thill was a big fitness doubt this week and drops out altogether. The other change is Matias Marques drops to the bench and is replaced by Ferino.

19:103 years ago

Progres Niederkorn Subs

Progres Subs : Czekanowicz (GK), Cervellera, Bastos, Mmaee, Francoise, Matias Marques, Shala.
19:083 years ago

Progres Niederkorn Starting Line-Up

Progres XI : Flauss (GK), Vogel, Tekiela, Skenderovic, Muratovic, Ferino, de Almeida, Laterza, Silaj, Karayer, Hall.
18:463 years ago

Rangers Changes

The Gers make six changes to the side that started the First Qualifying Round 2nd leg against St. Joseph's last Thursday.

In come Allan McGregor, James Tavernier, Steven Davis, Ryan Jack, Scott Arfield, Sheyi Ojo.

18:383 years ago

Rangers Substitues

Rangers Subs : Foderingham (GK), Barisic, Katic, Kamara, Stewart, Jones, Defoe.
18:353 years ago

Rangers Starting Line-Up

Rangers XI : McGregor, Tavernier, Goldson, Edmundson, Halliday, Davis, Aribo, Jack, Arfield, Ojo, Morelos.
18:273 years ago

Rangers' Form so far

Rangers coasted through the Europa League First Qualifying Round with an emphatic 10-0 aggregate win over St. Joseph's F.C. 


Gerrard's side won the 1st leg 4-0 in Gibraltar, before returning to Ibrox for the 2nd leg and recording a 6-0 victory.

16:213 years ago

How to watch Rangers vs Progres Niederkorn

The game isn't being shown on any mainstream television channels but RangersTV have revealed that they will be streaming the game. Supporters will have to pay £9.99. So, following along on VAVEL UK may prove a more attractive option.

You could choose to listen to the game on BBC Radio 5Live.

16:193 years ago

Progres' form so far

Progres have already faced sides from Britain and Ireland already. They beat Cardiff Met University, one of the more unique sides in qualifying, on away goals before triumphing over Cork City, 3-2 on aggregate.
16:183 years ago

Vrabec: We want to be brave

Progres Niederkorn are managed by Ronald Vrabec. He told reporters before today's match that his side "want to be brave".

"We want to score a goal and play forward, not just defend, and take a good result for the game in Luxembourg. It's a different Rangers team and we have a different team too. It's going to be very tough for us to go to the next round, but we will try. It's a big game for the club and Luxembourg. Everybody will watch it."

16:173 years ago

Steven Gerrard's pre-match comments before Europa League tie

Steven Gerrard: "It is a chance to show how far Rangers have moved on. A lot of people were hurt the last time we played this opposition. I look back at the pictures and read the headlines and articles that were written about our club at that time and it's now mine, my staff and my players' opportunity to put a better feeling around the club."
16:153 years ago
Rangers have made it through one tie, but Progres have come through two, after entering the Europa League Qualifying at the Preliminary Round. For one of these sides there is a 3rd Qualifying Round ahead, but then also a Playoff Round before the Europa League group stages.
14:353 years ago
Hello and a warm welcome to VAVEL's live coverage of the Europa League Qualifying Second Round 1st Leg match-up between Rangers and Progres Niederkorn. We'll bring you live updates from Ibrox with kick off at 19:45 BST.