F2 stars miss out on running in FP1 due to weather - Eifel GP
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  • Unfortunate F2 stars

Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott were unfortunate on their supposed first outing in F1 cars. Schumacher was supposed to replace Antonio Giovinazzi in the Alfa Romeo for the morning session and Ilott for Romain Grosjean in the Haas.

The reason they could not get out on track was not due to the rain being too bad as we know that is a recurring theme around the small section of the Green Hell. It was due to the medical helicopter not being able to fly as there was such a thick fog that was also very low.

Alongside the previous, the drive to the nearest hospital is 45 minutes so there is no alternative to the helicopter. Another factor was that the direction the weather was traveling in was in the direction of the hospital so even if the weather cleared at the track, it needs to clear for the route to the hospital.

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  • A need for running

Although it is irritating for the rising F2 stars, it is just as if not more for the drivers themselves. Only 7 drivers on the grid have previously driven in F1 at the Nürburgring so practice is key this weekend. It has also been over 7 years since those drivers have previously been here so memory needs refreshing.

Not only these things but also the time of year that the traveling F1 circus has arrived is a time that no one ever has done before. The chilling nature of the weather is something new to everyone and something they have to learn to adapt around.

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  • Bottas' need to get out quick

After the best result for Valtteri Bottas in his Mercedes this season, the week off in the first place would have been irritating enough. Form is something you want to take advantage of, get back on the track as soon as possible to continue that momentum.

Not only is a week off rare this year so he already has less momentum to bring into the weekend, but a whole session has also been ruled out as soon as they are back. Alongside this, it is well known that for some reason Bottas thrives in FP1 and uses that session to fuel his form all weekend long.