5 Things Learned: Hell In A Cell Edition
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5 Things Learned: Hell In A Cell Edition

WWE's Hell in a Cell was a resounding success, with plenty of great matches and memorable moments that will see the event go down as one of the strongest of the year so far, but what are the five things we learnt as the show enters the history books.

Matthew Wilkinson

5. Corporate Kane is fired 

That's right, the legend's latest character is no more, so say goodbye to the; suit wearing, coffee sipping authority member as Kane was defeated in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins, resulting in Corporate Kane being terminated. 

Whilst the Corporate Kane gimmick was fun for a while and the recent addition of playing both the Corporate side mixed with the Demon Kane has given it a refreshing spin, but the time for the character to end had come. 

The gimmick worked and certainly served a purpose on T.V. as he played a huge role helping Rollins in capturing and defending the Championship in the first place, and it was good to see the Corporate aspect get it's pay off. 

Kane's been around for a long time now and has certainly had a Hall of Fame worthy career, this will likely be his final time competing for the World Title so it was a moment to savor for any Kane fans. 

Now he will simply focus on the gimmick we all know and love him for, the Big Red Monster or 'Demon Kane' as it's now referred to, before winding down and finishing his career. 

4. The Cesaro Section is still alive and well 

It's been a quiet period for the Swiss Superman, Cesaro as he seemed to have been losing his momentum once again due to poor booking and mismanagement, but the Pre-Show to Hell in a Cell proved otherwise.

The Pre-Show match saw a six man tag which Cesaro was involved in, and not only was he involved but he stole the match with some fantastic wrestling which awoke the Cesaro Section. 

The WWE Universe went crazy for the talented international who put on one hell of a performance, yet again proving to everyone he is capable of so much more than he is being asked currently.

Given the talent that he was sharing the ring with (Neville, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, King Barrett and Sheamus) managing to steal the match in the manner he did is no small feat and shows just how highly the fans think of him, as well as showcasing his great natural talent. 

Cesaro is over people, and if he keeps putting in performances like this and fans keep reacting to him in the way they did on Sunday, it's only a matter of time before he get's the push he deserves. 

3. The Deadman Will Rise Again

He may have been defeated in his final battle with the Beast, but it appears we have not seen the last of The Undertaker just yet, after several teases throughout the night gave strong hints that The Phenom will be appearing at the upcoming, Survivor Series

It began with a very well done video package, showing that this years Survivor Series will be a celebration of 25 years of The Deadman, who made his WWE debut at the event, providing fans with their first tease for the night. 

If that wasn't a big enough hint that we have more Undertaker matches in our near future, then the way that Hell in a Cell ended certainly painted a clear enough picture to realize he will once again rise to fight.

With the cell lifted and Brock Lesnar out of sight, the WWE Universe preceded to give The Undertaker a standing ovation for his efforts, only for the Wyatt Family to enter and bring an end to the mutual show of respect between a legend and his fans.

As the Wyatt's beat down an already beaten Taker it quickly became apparent that the two would be re-kindling their feud from Wrestlemania 31 at Survivor Series, and the WWE Universe is ready for it! 

2. Viva Del Rioooo

The John Cena United States Championship open challenge kicked off Hell in a Cell and the response saw not just one but two returns as Cena was defeated for his title as he sets to take time away from the company. 

The first of the two returns came in the form of manager, Zeb Colter has been gone from the WWE for nearly a year after being attacked by Rusev, Colter came out to announce his new partnership, and Cena's opponent... 

Alberto Del Rio! That's right the former World Champion is back working with the company once again, and is now the new U.S. Champion beating Cena clean to mark his return to the WWE. 

It's a fantastic move bringing somebody of Del Rio's caliber back to the company, he will certainly add plenty of quality to the roster and has the ability to perform as both a heel and a baby face. 

He's capable of putting on brilliant matches on a regular basis as can be seen by his match on RAW against Neville, which was a fantastic battle, as well as the number one contenders fatal four way, of which Del Rio was a participant. 

The return of Colter can not be overlooked either, one of the best talkers in the business and a great manager he has been greatly missed from WWE Television, but his absence has made the heart grow fonder, and he is now once again fresh and will bring something different to the company. 

Seeing both men return was a great surprise, and it went down well with the live audience as well as fans watching across the globe, it's going to be interesting to see where the 'MexAmericans' go from here. 

1. Hell in a Cell Matches Mean Something Still 

The PG era has seen many changes and they have had varied success, but the effect the PG boundaries have placed upon stipulations such as the once brutal Hell in a Cell have resulted in watered down versions that fans had begun to grow tiresome of. 

Well this event proved that the restrictions of the WWE being PG do not mean that Hell in a Cell matches can't work, as we witnessed not one but two fantastic Cell matches. 

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt put on a brilliant match up and it was followed up by a main event that was even better, restoring the belief in wrestling fans that the great Hell in a Cell's are not just a thing of the past. 

Both matches were unique and different, but both gave the fans exactly what they wanted a brutal and physical match that had major bumps, the cell is used when a rivarly needs containment in a hellish structure, and these feuds were worthy of that, hence why it worked. 

Fans will now rejoice in the fact that Hell in a Cell matches can still be huge events and that the matches will live up to the hype that is built upon them.