Real Reason Titus O'Neil Pulled Vince McMahon's Arm
Titus O'Neil may have been suspended for a ridiculous reason by WWE (image:

The most talked about event over the past week should have been Daniel Bryan's retirement, however the interest surrounding Titus O'Neil and his suspension has been the top story and its excitement keeps growing. 

The 38-year-old was originally suspended by WWE for 90 days for pulling boss Vince McMahon's arm in the closing moments of Monday Night Raw. After a review, the suspension was reduced to 60 days, despite this, fans are already in uproar over the situation believing any amount is unjustified due to the harmlessness of the act.

H-Armless Incident

Looking back at the footage, the situation was clearly escalated severely and will be a major talking point over the coming weeks and even months. 

Titus looked to have pulled Mr. McMahon's arm as he made is way towards the Titantron but the 70-year-old took extreme exception to the pull and pushed the former member of the Prime Time Players

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon awkwardly watched on as did a host of other superstars as the situation expanded into a mass incident.

Reason Behind It

Vince McMahon pushes Titus after he pulled his arm (image:
Vince McMahon pushes Titus after he pulled his arm (image:

According to several rumors, O'Neil grabbed Vince's arm as an act of chivalry in order to allow female Stephanie McMahon to walk past, on the eve of Valentine's day, how romantic. 

The news or explanation will serve as a major blunder by WWE if the superstar decides to protest his suspension, as it would ultimately reflect badly on the company rather than Titus himself.

Mr. McMahon apparently opted towards handing out the lengthy ban as a "warning" to fellow superstars to behave and, with the big man essentially in limbo with the company, he was an easy target. 

Leave it all behind

Former WWE star turned Hollywood actor Batista has urged Titus to quit the company following his ban, as the veteran was once penalized for bleeding during a 2008 match with Chris Jericho

The animal has offered his views on the situation as he felt it was similar to his bloody experience with Jericho which resulted in the Guardian of the Galaxy star being fined $100,000. 

The 47-year-old said on Twitter that he "called" the former World Tag-Team Champion and "told him to ask to be released." Easier said than done as the former World Heavyweight Champion had a much bigger status on a global stage and then went on to enjoy a successful film career. 

If Titus left the company given that he is approaching veteran status where would he end up? TNA or Ring of Honor? Nowhere has the same profile as WWE and could offer him improved wages. 

Possible endings

Titus may receive an unorthodox push following return (image:
Titus may receive an unorthodox push following return (image:

It is often that when things spill over outside the ring, they produce a positive result inside the ring, when O'Neil returns to the company following his suspension, fans will be behind him and he is likely to receive some sort of push via fan intervention. 

Given his charity work outside of the ring, he has been a great example to other superstars and is deserving of at least challenging for a belt upon his resurface.