The Godfather Announced For The Hall Of Fame

The 2016 Hall of Fame class has just gained its newest member, as it was announced last night on RAW that The Godfather will be joining Sting at this years ceremony,the former WWE superstar will receive the honor the week of WrestleMania and will be inducted by A.P.A

The Godfather's name was brought up in a leaked list that was rumored to be this years entire line up for the Hall of Fame, and the announcement could solidify the truth behind that speculation, but having A.P.A induct him may actually go against that, as JBL himself was on the reported list. 

Either way, The Godfather will be around WrestleMania week for all the festivities and his speech at the grand event will certainly be interesting and no doubt involving a train of some sorts....

Hall of Fame career 

Interestingly the WWE seems to only be acknowledging Charles Wright's run as The Godfather, despite his various other roles such as Papa Shango and Kama, as it was his time as Godfather that was arguably his most memorable, despite the fact that his main run as the character only lasted two years. 

The character came about after the break up of The Nation of Domination, when Wright turned his character up the maximum with WWE making the most out of the climate at the time, and turning him into a pimp like character, which during the Attitude Era saw him become a very popular superstar with the fans. 

He became known for his train of women that he would parade to the ring, and often offer to his opponents as a way of getting out of fights, it was a controversial character that thrived in the Attitude Era, and due to his popularity the WWE even gave him an Intercontinental Championship run, after he defeated Goldust, which became his crowning achievement. 

The Godfather's only title run. Photo: WhatCulture
The Godfather's only title run. Photo: WhatCulture

Even though the character only ran from 1998-2000, he would bring it back again from 2002 onwards, where he would make rare and surprise appearances, often just simply to parade women around the ring, with his most recent showing coming at an old school edition of RAW and a surprise Royal Rumble appearance

Questionable decision 

Due to the fact that the gimmick of The Godfather itself was fairly short lived and lacking in any really memorable or classic moments, some fans have questioned whether or not he deserves to be entered into the Hall of Fame, especially when names such as Rick Rude have still yet to be inducted. 

His run with the Intercontinental title was short lived and other than that he is simply know for his character, which in today's PG environment isn't exactly suitable, which certainly makes him an interesting choice for the award.

Wright's in-ring work was always solid, but nothing special, however it is the fact that he has stayed a loyal company man and worked as so many different characters, always giving his full effort to each, that has earned him this recognition from the company, and with The Godfather being his most popular character, it makes sense that is the one the WWE puts into the Hall of Fame.