Sting Set To Retire From Wrestling
The icon is set to hang up his singlet due to neck injury (

At 56-years-old you would expect most at this age to be relaxing, taking strolls and living a quiet content life, Sting is one of the exceptions. 

With his 57th birthday approaching in three days time it is believed that the Icon is to retire from active competition in wrestling as his neck is reportedly 'too jacked up.'

The veteran's last match was against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, where the former WCW star took a nasty bump and could just about continue the match, but complications have arose and it looks as if his career stemming back to 1985 is over.


Sting injured during a match with Seth Rollins (image:
Sting injured during a match with Seth Rollins (image:

The fact that a man is capable of putting on great entertaining matches at an age very close to retirment altogether is a testament to the ability of such a legend in the business. 

At Night of Champions in 2015 Sting wrestled Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, where Rollins threw the veteran into the turnbuckle but the vigilante bumped his neck awkwardly on the turnbuckle, forcing the referee and medical staff to halt the match up. 

Rollins was heard saying "sorry" immediately after the altercation but the franchise of WCW wanted to continue the match and was annoyed at the interference of the official. Despite being visibly injured the old school mentality of the stinger meant the match had to end in either a pinfall or submission. 

The champion eventually pinned Sting in what is set to be his last ever match in a wrestling ring. The injury itself is reportedly the same one that forced Edge to retire in 2011 and even though no official report has been announced, it is believed a speech from the superstar himself will take place when he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 32

The Franchise of WCW

During the Monday Night Wars it was common knowledge that Sting did not want to be a part of the then called WWF due to the apparent 'disrespect' that was given to many of the former WCW wrestlers during the takeover as well as the fact he was just a loyal man to his former company, which is admirable as he refused to join Vince McMahon where he could have had a huge career or possibly even a short lived one. 

For that reason he became an enigma and 'the one that got away' during his time with the Ted Turner founded company he was one of the main event stars with his matches with Ric Flair some of the all time greats. 

The veteran is a four-time most popular wrestler of the year (1991,1992,1994,1997) in what again highlights the fan approval and popularity that exists for the stinger. A 12 time World Heavyweight Champion (including NWA and TNA) he will go down as one of the greatest performers in wrestling history. 

Dream matches

A sting match versus the Undertaker would have been an instant classic (image: ringsidenews,com)

Chris Jericho: While one was the biggest stars of WCW, another was just up and coming. Chris Jericho never crossed paths with the vigilante during their time with either promotion unfortunately and Y2J became a top performer in WWE becoming the benchmark for the performers who made the switch to Mr McMahon's company. 

The Undertaker: Taker is possibly the greatest WWE superstar ever and could be seen as the equivalent of Sting in WCW. The deadman remained loyal to his company as did the stinger and putting the two iconic figures together in the same ring would have been a dream senario.

Shawn Michaels: The charismatic HBK retired in 2009 at WrestleMana XXV years before Sting would finally make the move to WWE in 2015. Pinning these two stars together would have been an instant draw, with the performances of Michaels and the legendary status of the former WCW man, picking a winner would be too tough to choose.