Asylum match: Hit or Miss?
Photo: Dean Ambrose was the ring crew

Asylum match: Hit or Miss?

A look at the Asylum stipulation at Extreme Rules.

Aaron Downey

Well, the dust has settled in WWE after Extreme Rules but the speculation of Money in the bank has started to spark up. But angry talks of the Asylum match still rumble because it has really split the WWE Universe in half because they have either really liked or disliked the match. Now the pros of this match are the fact it was a good match but there were also many cons just like the Punjabi Prison match it was not needed to create a good match but the men did what they could have. A lot of time fans say they wish those guys had more time and it feels odd to say that this match needed less time which it had too much time because you could see the major checkpoints of what was supposed to happen.

Match itself 

The match itself was good but the pacing felt a little off that really didn't make sense maybe they were just trying to figure it out as they went along finding the kinks in the match it wasn't too slow but as far as the other matches Chris Jericho has had it was slow.

If you read the predictions that were done it was said most of the weapons wouldn't be used but it was to a great surprise that most of the weapons were used and some use of the weapons took people by surprise with the barbed wire 2x4 and thumbtacks. After Dean Ambrose did the standing elbow off the top of the cage the match picked up a little bit of pace. After Dean Ambrose went up and got the thumbtacks down the teases were great when Chris Jericho finally went and landed on the thumbtacks the selling of that was real and everyone felt it.

Jericho was put through serious pain. Photo-
Jericho was put through serious pain. Photo-

Final thoughts 

The match didn't live up to what it was set to be it was very underwhelming and most fans hope it doesn't become a normal thing because it doesn't make any sense and Dean Ambrose needs to stop having gimmick matches because he does the best in one on one matches.