New run time for SummerSlam
Photo-, which sells tickets for WWE's PPV and other events, has made some changes to the timings of SummerSlam 2016. Previously the event was listed to start on 6:30pm ET but now it has been changed to 6pm ET.

As PWInsider noted, this could possibly mean that the event will run for a massive four and a half hours this year. It won't be a surprise if it happens, as WWE extended the show to 4 hours from the traditional timing of 3 hours just last year. Four and a half hours will mean that this SummerSlam would be one of the longest TV programs ever aired by WWE.

However, this could have been done to avoid any mishaps like the one that happened at WrestleMania this year. It's notable that fans faced problems in getting inside the venue for WrestleMania 32 due to wi-fi problems in the stadium, which caused a major holdup in scanning tickets. It led to fans waiting hours outside the AT&T Stadium, the venue for the show.

Many fans complained about being dehydrated and tired at that time, and this might well be the WWE’s answer to those complaints.

Fans waited for hours at WrestleMania. Photo-
Fans waited for hours at WrestleMania. Photo-

Four and half hours!

This shouldn't happen unless it has something to do with the brand split. Throughout the night, they should introduce the new SmackDown and RAW recruits that are going to be placed in and out of the show and the new era could end up attacking everyone or something along the line of that. A new school - old school scrap fight who knows? 

Maybe the unveiling of a new Championships such as the Tag team, the new women's and a new world heavyweight championship. If this is the case maybe they will crown the main SmackDown Champion and have a big type match like a battle royal.