Money in the Bank 2011 Review
This was CM Punk's night.

As the WWE gears towards the 2016 Money in the Bank, this author will be going back to review every Money in the Bank PPV in history, this time, it is one of the most talked about events in history, 2011. 

SmackDown Money in the Bank- Sin Cara - Wade Barrett - Justin Gabriel - Sheamus - Cody Rhodes - Heath Slater - Daniel Bryan - Kane 

The first of two Money in the Bank's  on the show kicked things off (just like 2010's) with the SmackDown ladder match going first. Once the ring was cleared the first major spot took place with Daniel Bryan baseball sliding Kane out of the ring before Justin Gabriel did exactly the same to Bryan. Sin Cara then attempts the same but Gabriel and Bryan moved the ladder and took him out. 

Then high flyer's; Bryan, Gabriel, Sin Cara, and Heath Slater all go over the rope's or through them to take out their opponents around the ring before Sin Cara hits an amazing move on Bryan from the top rope. Sheamus then launched a ladder into Cody Rhodes whilst Kane Irish whipped Wade Barrett into the ladder before throwing it at both him and the Celtic Warrior.

On the outside, a ladder was set up on the announce table and the ring which Sheamus sent Sin Cara crashing through injuring him in the process forcing him to be stretchered out of the arena. Back in the ring and Kane almost had the match won until the three former CORRE members took him out. Barrett then ordered both Slater and Gabriel to let him win the match but they turned on him and left him lying.

After Sheamus cleaned house it would be the Big Red Machine who stopped him in his tracks, hitting a Chokeslam from the ladder onto another until Barrett hit him with Wasteland before getting revenge on both Gabriel and Slater by taking them out of the match as well.

Bryan and Rhodes had made their way to the top of the ladder and began fighting over the briefcase, Barrett managed to get rid of Cody Rhodes but received a huge kick to the head as a reward from Bryan as he went on to win the match.

Bryan's rise to the main event began here. Photo- Bleacher Report
Bryan's rise to the main event began here. Photo- Bleacher Report

Analysis: This was a great match with fantastic pacing and interactions between all involved. Old storylines were played into the match and everyone had their time to shine, there was a good mix between ladder spots and normal wrestling moves which made it flow very easily. The right man won too as it allowed a future star to be born.

Divas Championship Match- Kelly Kelly (c) - Brie Bella

Kelly Kelly started on fire, taking Brie Bella to the outside then diving onto both the Bella Twins taking them both out. Kelly had a submission locked in on the ropes and Brie throws her over to the mat, Nikki then attacked her with the ref distracted.  

Kelly Kelly defended her title succesfully. Photo- Bleacher Report
Kelly Kelly defended her title successfully. Photo- Bleacher Report

Kelly finally mounts a fight back with a clothesline followed by a neck breaker, she hits her finisher to get the victory and defend the title.  

Analysis: This was a poor match that was very slow paced and was the only match of the night that the crowd didn't care too much about, both women worked hard but it wasn't a match to remember.  

Big Show - Mark Henry

The match begins with Big Show in control with a huge shoulder tackle taking out Mark Henry knocking him to the outside. Show followed him outside and hits a clothesline knocking him down again. 

Henry takes Show into the stairs and then targets the knee in the ring as he keeps Show grounded with kicks to the face. The World's Strongest Man locks in a Boston Crab continuing to focus on the knee from earlier. 

Henry was in impressive form. Photo- Bleacher Report
Henry was in impressive form. Photo- Bleacher Report

After fighting out Big Show takes out Henry with a shoulder tackle from the second ropes and goes for the Chokeslam but Henry kicks the knee before hitting a World's Strongest Slam with Show kicking out just in time. 

Henry then hits another followed by two splashes to get the win. Post match Henry locks a chair into the ankle of Shows before jumping from the second rope onto it. 

Analysis: About what you would expect from two men this size, a slow slugfest. Thankfully it was kept pretty short and sweet, the post-match attack looked good and the match put over Henry as a strong threat to people.

RAW Money in the Bank- Alberto Del Rio - Kofi Kingston - Jack Swagger - Evan Bourne - R-Truth - Alex Riley - The Miz - Rey Mysterio

Everyone started the match with a ladder and  targeted Alberto Del Rio in what was a fairly messy start. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston then used some innovative offense with a smaller ladder taking out most men.  

Everyone was taken out on the outside and Bourne climbed a ladder hitting Air Bourne on everyone underneath in a brilliant spot. The Miz and Bourne battled on top of the ladder and with the ladder pulled Miz landed awkwardly on his knee and had to be tended to by doctors.  

R-Truth balanced a ladder in between the ropes in the corner and takes out Rey Mysterio but Truth pays for it as Kingston hits a Boom Drop from the top turnbuckle after bouncing off the ladder onto Truth.  

Everyone then manages to get on one of four ladders scrambling for the case and Del Rio is pushed off landing face first onto the ladder placed in the corner. Rey Mysterio is the last to fall off after he is kicked off onto the turnbuckles by Kingston which appeared very impressive.  

Jack Swagger came to make the save and he and Kingston went tumbling as The Miz returned from the back hobbling as he seemed to have it won until Mysterio stopped him. 

Del Rio captured the briefcase. Photo- Bleacher Report
Del Rio captured the briefcase. Photo- Bleacher Report

Mysterio was all alone at the top of the ladder until Del Rio unmasked him which caused chaos as both fell as the ladders collapse but Del Rio returns to the top to win the match.  

Analysis- Another very good ladder match on this show with a unique ending through the unmasking which was good to see. Evan Bourne for the second year in a row was a standout performer in the ladder match but Del Rio picking up the win made sense as he was one of the biggest stars in the match which was one of this matches main problems as it lacked believable names to actually win the case.

World Heavyweight Championship match- Randy Orton (c) - Christian (If Orton is DQ'D he loses the belt)

Christian starts the match by bringing in a chair to try and get Randy Orton to get himself DQ'd, an option he doesn't take. Instead, Orton uses his anger and takes Christian out.  

It doesn't take long for the challenger to change the momentum, though, jumping over the ropes and slapping Orton across the face but a roll up almost catches Captain Charisma by surprise.  

Christian then attempts to hit the Killswitch but Orton reverses and clotheslines himself and Christian to the outside. Christian then went to take Orton out from the top rope but instead gets caught with a huge dropkick in mid-air.  

Captain Charisma manages to fight back and hit a flying headbutt from the top rope but Orton kicked out just in time, building Christians frustrations. Orton goes for the RKO but Christian reverses and hits Killswitch, however, Orton still kicks out. 

Orton then reverses a spear into a delayed neck breaker from mid-air and somehow Christian stays in it. Orton goes for the RKO but Christian backs away and spits on Orton's face which see's him snap beating the hell out of Christian and giving him a low blow which sees's Christian become the new champion. Post match Orton snaps hitting him with the T.V. monitor and then hitting an RKO off the table. 

Christian celebrated his victory with an RKO.
Christian celebrated his victory with an RKO.

Analysis: That was a brilliant match that was back and forth from the start. The chemistry these two men had together was fantastic and the near falls throughout the match were believable as the match was incredibly even. The use of the DQ stipulation worked as Orton has always had a temper and the way Christian pushed him throughout the match to get him to the point of losing his cool was very well executed. The post match beat up was also very well done showing this brilliant feud was not over.

WWE Championship match- John Cena (c) - CM Punk 

The match starts off at a slow pace with both men trading headlocks but the pace picks up with a hip toss and dropkick by CM Punk before locking in a headlock as he receives a huge ovation from his home state fans.  

John Cena then hits a running bulldog and then locks in a headlock to a chorus of boos from the fans before hitting a huge clothesline. Punk dumps Cena to the outside and goes to give Colt Cobana a high five before jumping from the top rope to knee Cena in the neck whilst he was hanging on the ring apron.  Punk then hit a cross body and Cena appeared to extend his knee and goes to the ropes. Punk tries to suplex him back into the ring and instead Cena suplexes Punk out to the floor.  

Punk misses with a knee and Cena sets up the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but instead gets a kick to the face. Punk throws Cena outside and then dives through the ropes to take out the champion as the crowd explodes in applause once again.  

Both men put on an incredible match. Photo- Bleacher Report
Both men put on an incredible match. Photo- Bleacher Report

Punk misses the cross body and gets hit with a 5 Knuckle shuffle. Cena attempts the AA but Punk lands on his feet and hits his opponent with a flurry of kicks.  

Cena gets sent into the ropes and hit with two knees to the jaw followed by a bulldog but it's not enough to put him away. Punk misses with a kick and the STF is locked in by Cena but Punk just makes the ropes in time.  

They get back up and this time Punk's kick does connect but he only gets another near fall. Punk goes for the crossbody again but Cena roll's through and sets up the AA, Punk reverses and goes for the GTS and this time Cena reverses and once again locks in the STF submission hold.  

After being dragged back into the center of the ring Punk manages to reverse the move and locks in the Anaconda Vice but Cena powers out and hits the AA with Punk kicking out just in time.  

Cena attempted a leg drop from the top rope but this time, it's Punk who counters turning it into a powerbomb but Cena tries it again and this time he hits it but Punk kicks out again.  

John Cena hits another AA and yet again Punk kicks out which see's Cena start to become a little frustrated as he questions the referee about the count. He goes to hit an AA from the top rope but Punk reverses and sends Cena flying before hitting a GTS but Cena rolls out of the ring.  

Mr.McMahon then comes out and Cena locks in the STF, he calls for the bell but John Cena punches John Laurinaitis in the face as Cena says not that way. 

Cena gets back into the ring to be hit with a GTS as CM Punk wins the WWE Championship as a stunned Mr.McMahon watches on and the crowd erupts. Vince calls for Del Rio to cash in but he gets met with a huge kick to the head when he gets in the ring. Punk then makes his way out of the arena through the crowd, blowing the Chairman a kiss goodbye. 

A kiss goodbye. Photo- SportsKeeda
A kiss goodbye. Photo- SportsKeeda

Analysis: Wow, what a brilliant match from start to finish. This has everything from the storyline the amazing crowd and fantastic wrestling (by both men) which all culminates into a very special main event. This is one of the greatest matches in WWE history and if you haven't seen it then you need to do so immediately, two of the very best fighting over the biggest prize in the company as Punk walks away from the WWE as champion to close the show.  

Overall this was a fantastic PPV from the first match to the last, everything had meaning and purpose and everyone worked incredibly hard to put on an amazing show. The crowd was hot for the entirety and were interested in every match which always helps. Two great money in the banks and two fantastic main event championship matches makes this one of the best PPVs in the PG Era.  

Match of the night: The main event stole the show on this night even though it wasn't a ladder match. It created an unforgettable moment in wrestling history and had so much on the line that it has to take the match of the night credit.  

Star of the night: CM Punk. This was his night, the crowd was chanting for him from the very first match and didn't calm down during any part of the main event. His performance was exactly what it needed to be in what was a defining moment in his WWE career.  

Rating: 9.5/10  

2010 - 7/10