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1883 Coventry

Coventry City FC, originally founded as Singers F.C. in 1883 by workers of the Singer bicycle company, changed its name to Coventry City in 1898. This change coincided with the start of a new era, although the early years as Coventry City were marked by financial and sporting difficulties. The transition to a professional club in 1892 and subsequent entry into the Birmingham & District League in 1894 marked the beginning of their consolidation in regional soccer. Despite challenges, including a record 11-2 FA Cup defeat in 1901, administrative and financial restructuring in 1905 and the adoption of the name "Bantams" for their status as Southern League newcomers, the club began to show signs of progress.

Promotion to League Football and "The Old Five" (1919-1945)

Coventry City's admission to the Football League in 1919 marked the beginning of their participation in domestic competitions. Although they struggled in their early seasons, including a battle to avoid last place in 1919-20 and relegation to the Third Division South in 1925, the club began to find its way. The 1930s saw a marked improvement under Harry Storer, leading to the team becoming known as "The Old Five" for their impressive victories and the contribution of Clarrie Bourton, whose goal scoring record remains unsurpassed at the club. This period was crucial in establishing Coventry City as a competitive force in English soccer.

Rebirth and Consolidation (1946-1967)

After World War II, Coventry City began a rebuilding process that eventually led them to climb the English league system. This period was characterized by the club's stabilization in the lower divisions, with promotions and relegations marking their trajectory. However, Jimmy Hill's leadership in the 1960s was transformational. Under his stewardship, Coventry City not only gained promotion to the First Division in 1967, but also introduced innovations that would change English soccer, such as the introduction of the first color match program and significant improvements to the fan experience.

Golden Era and Stability in the First Division (1967-2001)

Arrival in the First Division marked the beginning of Coventry City's golden era, which would last 34 consecutive years in the top flight of English soccer. During this time, the club enjoyed its most memorable moment when it won the FA Cup in 1987, beating Tottenham Hotspur in a thrilling final. This triumph remains the only major trophy in the club's history. Despite challenges and constant struggles to avoid relegation, Coventry City maintained their elite status, becoming founder members of the Premier League in 1992.

Relegation and Struggle to Return (2001-Present)

Coventry City's relegation from the Premier League in 2001 marked the beginning of a challenging period in the club's history. Facing financial difficulties and ownership changes, the club experienced several more relegations, dropping all the way down to League Two, the fourth tier of English soccer. However, under the management of Mark Robins, Coventry City began to show signs of recovery, culminating in promotion to the EFL Championship in 2020 as League One champions. The 2022-23 season saw the club secure a place in the Championship play-offs, although they were eventually defeated by Luton Town in the final.