Mazzarri confirms no players have spoken to him over club’s fraud allegations

Mazzarri confirms no players have spoken to him over club’s fraud allegations

The Watford manager says no players are concerned with the allegations.

Francesca Byrne

Watford boss Walter Mazzarri confirmed in his pre-match press conference that he has not spoken to his players about the club’s fraud allegations, which could eventually lead to a point deduction.

The club find themselves in a tough situation, as it was recently revealed that an alleged forged letter from HSBC was apparently submitted to the Football League. While it looks unlikely that the Hornets will face a point deduction, it is not entirely impossible.

The club came under fire after the Telegraph claimed it obtained the forged letter submitted when Gino Pozzo took over the club before the 2014-2015 campaign. 

The letter stated  thatthe current owners of Watford-Hornets Ltd had the £7 million required to obtain the club. It is unclear whether Pozzo knew that the letter had been sent or not.

Mazzarri stands by the club

The Italian, speaking of his side's clash with Hull City at home, has commented that he is “in line with what [the club] said” as they have “already made a statement on the situation.” 

Mazzarri vented his frustration at the questions, adding that he is “not really interested” in the complications as he believes that “the president has always done things in the right way.” 

The manager then confirmed the none of his players are worried about the potential charges, as they have not “asked to me or the club about the situation.”

This is not the first time that Mazzarri has faced a potential point deduction. In 2006 his side Reggina, were deducted 15 points for the club’s part in the Serie A match fixing scandal.

Mazzarri commented that if Watford are deducted points he would “just tell my players not to look at the table and play every game concentrating on getting maximum points.” 

In 2006 his side avoided relegation after his side defeated Milan and hence he has no problems with doing the same if needed with Watford.