Opinion: Jonna Andersson is one of the most underrated wingers in the Women’s Super League
Photo by Mia Eriksson

Few football players stand out without really actually trying to. Players that work hard in silence and even though they’re established and have cemented a spot in their team’s starting XI, they rarely get mentioned after a successful match. Players like these easily go unnoticed even if at the end of the day, they’re in fact a huge reason for goals being scored. 

Standing right behind the goal at Kingsmeadow where home team Chelsea FC Women attack to see wing back Jonna Andersson coming right at you in full force is a true eye-opener.

If you haven’t noticed the Swedish winger before, you certainly can’t not notice her after seeing her up close like that. Linking up with her Swedish National Team compatriot and centre back, Chelsea’s captain Magdalena Eriksson, Andersson has become one of the most important players when it comes to setting up good opportunities for Chelsea to hit the back of every opponents net.

How she does it? By going forward. When the ball ends up at her feet she almost seems like an unnatural force of nature when she silently starts her races by running along the left by-line and up the pitch. 

Coming to Chelsea

When Andersson signed with Chelsea in the middle of the 2017/18 campaign, her track record was something she easily could’ve bragged a lot more about than she did.

The Swedish defender, born January 2nd in 1993, had won the Swedish League, Damallsvenskan, with Linkoping FC three times when she joined the Blues at the beginning of 2018. Something worth mentioning is that Andersson also turned Chelsea down the first time they tried to get her signature earlier on.

Besides her titles in the Swedish League she also had celebrated great success in the Swedish National team, with an Olympic Silver medal from 2016. But, let’s talk some more about her time and impact in Chelsea.

Look back to 2018, the beginning of her WSL career, she immediately played an important part in Chelsea winning the double that year. She scored five times and netted one of the most significant goals when she scored against Bristol City in the game that secured Chelsea their WSL trophy in the 18/19 campaign.

A star

Andersson is a great athlete in every sense of the phrase. She may not be one of Chelsea’s most spoken about players but she certainly can create trouble for any opponent with her fast and strong moves.

If you regularly watch the blues then you might have seen the development in her elegant collaboration with Norwegian midfielder Guro Reiten this season. It took the Scandinavian duo a handful of matches to link up but now they seem to have found each other perfectly.

It’s not often that they don’t create danger in the box for their opponent's defenders whilst setting up good and clinical opportunities for each other and the rest of their teammates. 

Andersson may appear a little quieter than the other players at Chelsea but she sure does make an impact whenever she plays. Another thing that is certain about Andersson is that she always gives absolutely everything of herself to her team, tirelessly running in silence up and down the left-hand side of the pitch during every match she plays.

Jonna Andersson is perhaps one of the most underrated wing-backs in the Women’s Super League right now - even though she plays in one of the best teams in the league, if not the best team. The Swede is a superstar in a team full of other stars.