Is it time for Paris Saint Germain and Neymar to part ways?
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Paris Saint Germain’s season in 2018/19 ends in disappointment

The 2018/19 season for Paris Saint Germain ended disappointingly as the club only won the Ligue 1 title. The French team had heavily invested in players, yet the results were poor with a team that should have achieved more in all competitions. The Coupe de France final ended in a shootout loss to Stade Rennais F.C., the Coupe de la Ligue was lost in the quarter-finals to Guingamp and the Champions League saw an early exit from the club in the round of 16 against Manchester United.

While the results were poor, PSG had games that had dramatic endings. In the final of the Coupe De France, Kylian Mbappe received a red card for a dangerous challenge on Damien Da Silva. His actions left him with a three-game suspension. While this was a concern in the game, Neymar was the main attraction, as the striker got into a heated argument with a fan. While the team was walking up the stairs in the stands to receive their prize for Second Place, a fan made negative comments to the Paris Saint Germain players which triggered Neymar to approach the fan and appeared to have punched him. PSG coach Tomas Tuchel didn’t take this well and, as reported by ESPN, he stated “I do not like it. You cannot do that. It is simply not possible to do it.” Regardless of how fans react to players, there needs to be a level of respect and maturity that must be shown.

PSG exited early from the Couple de la Ligue after losing to EA Guingamp in the quarter finals with a late winning goal in injury time. Guingamp was awarded a penalty kick to break a tie that led to the win. That was another disappointing result for PSG.

Then there was the Champions League. Many PSG fans hoped that the 2018/19 season would have a different result than previous seasons. In the first leg versus Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain displayed a very mature and well-rounded game. It was one of the best games the team played throughout the season as they supported each other in the match.

PSG seemed to have a comfortable lead going into the second leg of Champions League. They had a 2-0 lead with both goals being away. However, when the game was done, PSG lost 3-1 at home which was 3-3 on the aggregate with Manchester United being the winner due to away goals. The game had a dramatic finish as Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford was awarded a late penalty kick that resulted in the winning goal, sending United into the quarter-finals.

After a disappointing season is it time to part ways with Neymar?

Overall, it was a very disappointing season, winning only the league title, and underachieving in all other competitions. Had they won against Stade Rennais in the Coupe de France final, it could have salvaged their season, leaving management more satisfied. With all that has happened in the past season, the big question is: Should Neymar stay with Paris Saint Germain or is it time for them to part ways with the star Brazilian?

The forward, who joined PSG in 2017 at €198 million, has stated that he wants to leave the club.  With the amount of money invested in the ex-Barcelona player, the results have been poor as he has been consistently injured season after season and has an attitude on and off the pitch. It may be time for the team to go opposite ways with the star Brazilian player.

The striker has been a disappointment

When PSG acquired Neymar from FC Barcelona, it was envisioned that his talent and capabilities would help the French club advance further in Champions League. This has not been the case and the main reason is due to his health. Injuries have hampered the player, as in this past season he only played a total of six games in the Champions League and was not available for the games that mattered most.

In order for Neymar to stay healthy, PSG will need to manage his playing time accordingly. Playing games against teams who are lower in the competition in Ligue 1 has caused injury to the player. There needs to be caution when choosing the lineup, especially with the star players.

Aside from not being healthy when he’s in the lineup, his attitude has not always been great. Approaching a fan in the finals of the Coupe De France is unacceptable. Regardless of what a fan shouts to a player or a team, they must accept losing and not let it get the best of them.

Neymar is, arguably, one of the best players in the world at the moment who can’t stay healthy and keep emotions in check. Tomas Tuchel needs to manage these factors this season if he is to have a chance at winning Champions League.

Additionally, the PSG striker has requested to leave the club as he’s not satisfied and would like to continue his career elsewhere.

What can be expected from the club

Finding a club to meet the asking price of at least €200 million will be difficult. Paris Saint Germain won’t be looking to make any profit but to break even in their books. Teams which have shown interest in Neymar are reportedly, FC Barcelona, Juventus and Read Madrid. Barcelona and PSG have had ongoing discussions, yet have been unable to reach an agreement.

Paris Saint Germain is still looking for a club to meet their demands. With the start of 2019/20 season, at the moment it looks as if Neymar will be staying. As reported by Yahoo Sports, Edison Cavani stated “I think he still has a lot to give PSG until the last day he will be here as a player, and a lot to give to football too.” Cavani and Neymar didn’t start off well in the 2017-2018 season, but have since developed a better relationship.

Cavani provides a good point as Neymar still has a lot offer PSG. It is evident that selling the player will be very difficult as the price is high. It’s time for Tomas Tuchel and management need to make this situation into one that will benefit PSG, otherwise, it will be a long season for the club and possibly one shorter for the manager.