Tyson Fury becomes World Heavyweight Champion with UD over Wladimir Klitschko
The night in one photo; Fury's elation, Klitshcko's misery. REUTERS

Tyson Fury has put an end to Wladimir Klitschko's death-like-grip on the Heavyweight division by UD.

Minutes after being crowned with the belts and hearing those magical words; "And the new!" - Fury burst into a rendition of Aerosmith's I Dont Want To Miss A Thing. It was the cherry on top of a cake which epitomised Tyson Fury.

Fury upsets the odds with win over Klitschko

Sure, it was not the explosive bout that many expected due to the clash of styles; however, Fury and his corners tactics were absolutely perfect. Klitschko was made to look absolutely horrendous tonight, perhaps age did play its part as Fury had predicted, but, for the most part it was the tactics inside of the ring which frustrated the Champion.

Fury was consistently throwing and landing more punches, and Klitschko found it hard to get into the fight. The iconic Klitschko jab was not the weapon it once was. Why? Because Fury would always be moving backwards, and, doubling that up with superb head movement to render the jab ineffective. That is, when Klitschko got into range to use it.

Fury himself was far from his best with his offensive gameplan, although he cut Klitschko twice (though one was from an accidental clash of heads), Fury threw a much larger proportion of punches and landed consistently throughout the fight. It was testament to the gameplan thought out that Fury was able to rely predominantly on his movement and speed; it was also shocking that; one, Fury was able to go through the 12 rounds without sustaining any serious damage and; two, that Klitschko didn't unleash anywhere near enough power punches to inflict any serious damage upon Fury.

Tyson Fury defeats Wladimir Klitschko

Even though many unofficial cards had Fury ahead by at least 8 or 9 rounds, there was still that horrible feeling that the judges could favour the Champion; despite the lacklustre performance and sheer lack of offensive pressure. However, the three judges scored it 115-112, 115-112, 116-111 all in favour of the British boxer.

Pre-Fight Troubles

Despite the seemingly underhand tactics to get an upper-hand from the Klitschko camp, including; the illegal wrapping of Wladimir's hands without someone from Team Fury present, the three layers of padding underneath the rings canvas and finally what was dubbed glove-gate - Fury was focused.

It seemed as though these were all instances alone, and collectively, which could have knocked Fury's mind off track, however, the self-proclaimed Gypsy King came out from the off and looked confident. That confidence only grew throughout the fight as Klitschko's diminished to the point he realised it was he who needed to get a KO to retain his belts.

Post-Fight Excitement

It is definitely exciting times for the Heavyweight division; with a new, fresh faced and entertaining young man at the head of the division. The similarly exciting American Deontay Wilder has already put his name into the ring for what would surely be a huge fight between the two.

Other than the American who holds the WBC's Heavyweight title, there are two domestic fights in long-time 'foe' David Haye and the up and coming British Heavyweight star, Anthony Joshua. All three of these names have already been spoken about with a great undercurrent of excitement for what Fury heading the division means for the sport now.

Credit Where It's Due

Whilst many will choose to focus on Wladimir Klitschko's demise at having lost his belts, and the manner in which he lost them, this really should not be the case.

Every single piece of attention should be placed positively onto Tyson Fury. He talked the talk (an awful lot) during the build up to this fight - and he has now definitively walked the walk.