5 Things Learned: Survivor Series Edition
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5. Divas Revolution Hits A Stand Still

After the controversial angle involving the real life death of Reid Flair (deceased brother of Divas Champion, Charlotte) the expectations were high heading into Survivor Series for the Championship match between Charlotte and Paige.

The ladies had been given the main event segment on the previous RAW to build up the match and gain heat ahead of the match, and considering the amount of controversy that Paige's comments had been met with, the WWE Universe were expecting an all out brawl and the Divas hoping for a loud crowd.

Instead the fans were given what may as well have been a submission match with Charlotte not displaying the fight and passion most had anticipated, and whilst the over selling screams which rang consistently from both athletes throughout the match were meant to display how aggressive the fight was, it all just fell flat.

Flat would likely be an understatement in terms of describing the crowd throughout this match too, with seemingly nobody interested in the outcome or what was taking place in front of them, with the lack of crowd participation really adding to the disappointment this match brought overall.

The members of the audience that were invested all seemed to be leaning towards the challengers side which also made little sense and may have sent alarm bells ringing for Charlotte, who is currently struggling to get over as a face champion.

If Paige's comments against both Ric and Reid Flair didn't do the trick in getting her over as a heel and garnering her some major heat, then it seems that WWE's risky move may not have paid off after all, and the Divas Revolution seemed to miss a major opportunity considering the amount of time they had been granted.

4. The Return Of A Legend

Goldust. Photo Source: www.sportskeeda.com

The Survivor Series pre-show saw the usual warm up match to attract viewers and get the fans ready for the main show, and even though this was like no different to any other pre-show match (mainly a throwaway match that fans aren't invested in) this did see the return of a WWE Legend.

That's right, he's back after being out of action with a shoulder injury, Goldust made his return to the WWE Universe at Survivor Series to captain a team in a traditional Survivor Series match.

His team of faces (Neville, Titus O'Neil and The Dudley Boyz) took on the heel team, captained by little brother Stardust who was joined by (The Ascension, The Miz and Bo Dallas) and the WWE Veteran led his team to victory upon his return.

It's certainly a welcomed return for the former three time Intercontinental Champion, especially considering the company's current growing list of injury concerns, Goldust will be able to add depth to the roster.

Of course he is not going to be main eventing, but an experienced talent who can still work at a good level can add plenty to the WWE's mid-card and the surprise of his return caught most fans off guard.

It seems like a perfect opportunity to finally give the WWE Universe the brother - brother rivalry that fans have been asking for, and with Cody Rhodes' Stardust gimmick struggling to pick up any momentum, a program with his brother could be the best way to see a much needed character change.

3. Battle Of The Best Friends

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament came to it's conclusion during the main event of Survivor Series, with both of the semi-finals kicking the night off, and it was the battle of the best friends as Roman Reigns took on Dean Ambrose in the final for the title.

Reigns had kicked off the nights proceedings with a strong opening match as he defeat current United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio and given the result of the semi-final was pretty obvious, the pair did a good job of making the match entertaining for the fans.

Ambrose had to go through the current Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens in the match which was perhaps slightly harder to predict and ended up being the more entertaining of the two semi's with both men working hard but it was Owens, with his trash talking and dominance that really stole the match.

After the former Shield brothers exchanged pleasantries back stage, they wasted little time in getting down to business in the ring and they put on a good match with both men showing their passion and determination to become champion, with the expected heel turn still not taking place (due to something we shall discuss later) the match ended with a simple Reigns victory and a new champion.

Post match the pair shared a moment of respect and even though it seemed a missed opportunity to change the landscape of the WWE with a heel turn for one of these popular superstars, the match left the fans wanting more and the potential feud will remain fresh to be visited down the line.

2. 25 Years Of Dominance

Of course the entire special was built and advertised around the fact that it had been 25 years since the debut of a future hall of famer, The Undertaker and given the fact he has dominated ever since that moment, there was only ever one way his anniversary was going to go.

Teaming with his brother Kane to take on the Wyatt Family the Brothers of Destruction tore apart their opponents from the minute the bell had rung, giving the fans exactly what they wanted to see, and that was simply just the Phenom in action.

From the elaborate entrance to the classic ending pose the match served as a thank you and as a celebration of the fantastic career that the man has had, how much more he has left in the tank will remain to be seen, but this author is just enjoying the ride whilst it lasts.

1. Here Comes The Money

Sheamus cashed in at Survivor Series. Source: wrestling.pt

Even though Roman Reigns successfully won the WWE Championship tournament and was crowned the new champion, once again it would be a matter of so close yet so far, as he would fall victim to the Money in the Bank briefcase.

As the confetti surrounded him and the fireworks blared the new World Champion was greeted by COO Triple H who offered to shake the hand of the victor, but the decision to spear his boss would be one Reigns later regretted.

Getting up to receive a brogue kick to the face and a cash in by Sheamus was not what Reigns had hoped for but it's clear that the WWE has not given up on the idea of an Authority Champion.

After a second brogue another new champion was crowned as Sheamus ended up being the one to capitalize from the injury to Seth Rollins as he walked away WWE Champion and new member of the Authority as Triple H celebrated with him.

The decision hasn't exactly been met with resounding positivity and due to the way the Celtic Warrior has been booked since winning the briefcase it's not hard to understand why, but Sheamus has talent and will now be looking for a successful run as champion.

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