The Miz: Underutilized

The Miz has been active on the WWE roster for ten years and throughout those he has captured the WWE Championship once and headlined the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania. He has also won the Intercontinental championship four times, the United States championship twice and the Tag Team championship six times.

Now if you look at his accomplishments on their own you could argue that he has already had a Hall of Fame career. Superstars and Divas with a lot less accolades have been inducted into the Hall of Fame so assessing it on that alone, we could easily assume that The Miz is a future hall of fame superstar. Despite this right now The Miz is being used nothing like a man worthy of such an honor, he regularly loses and never seems to be in long withstanding feuds. The only thing The Miz get's these days in the WWE is his own talk show, in which he is usually upstaged and made to look weak. Now with a bit of a character change and direction, The Miz could once again be a major star, and why not?


Whatever The Miz lacks in his in-ring ability he more than makes up for in charisma. His microphone skills are near impeccable, he can carry even the most mediocre of people through segments and make them entertaining. This type of skill is something that needs to be used, something that a lot of the current WWE superstars are lacking is the ability to entertain through there words. e.g.. Neville, Cesaro etc...He did this with Daniel Bryan and made him look like the main star. And now he is currently doing it with AJ Styles. In the recent weeks that have passed The Miz has done everything he can to put Styles over, he knew exactly the right thing so say and do. He compared Styles to the most over guy in the whole company Daniel Bryan and made Styles to look like a true star, only a couple of weeks into his debut.

Styles appeared on Miz TV. Photo:
Styles appeared on Miz TV. Photo:

This is what they need to use The Miz for, but before they can start using him to put people over the WWE need to make him into a credible star again and with the right booking this would be easy and very profitable for the younger stars


Something that The Miz's character has lacked since debuting his new Hollywood gimmick is aggression. The type of aggression he had during his reign as WWE Champion. Cheap wins are everything to a heel but DQ's by violently beating on your opponent using foreign objects would mean a lot more for The Miz's credibility. If The Miz can incorporate that type of aggression into his current gimmick it would be perfect heading into Wrestlemania.

A feud with the likes of Dolph Ziggler for a mid card title would not only be entertaining, but it would also be great for young talent that would eventually beat The Miz for it. Many stars down on NXT have come up to the main roster and have been lost in the shuffle. Tyler Breeze is the latest example of this. Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are all ready for the move up into the main roster and someone with the charisma and accomplishments that The Miz possess would be beneficial for these stars to feud with.

Beating a former world champion would be great, but feuding with a former World Champion that is also a current mid card champion would be the perfect situation. The WWE just needs to know how to capture this opportunity 

Keep him relevant

The Miz is one of those superstars that can change with the time, he knows when his character is stale and can alter and adapt to whatever situation and feud he has been put in, no matter how lackluster it has been. But keeping The Miz relevant isn't solely his job, the WWE needs to keep The Miz relevant too. An easy way of doing so is putting him in segments with the main stars of the show.

A Miz TV segment with Roman Reigns or Triple H would keep the fans knowing who he was, which would more than benefit his career. The reason The Miz has been a constant on the current roster is due to his talent of being able to make the most of what is given to him, whether it be with Ryback, The Big Show or even Michael Cole, The Miz has somehow been able to make these feuds entertaining. This sort of talent is very unique in the business of wrestling, and shouldn't be looked over as only a few stars have the ability to do this and even less are currently active on the roster.

Now a lot of WWE fans aren't too keen on The Miz, he isn't recognized as a big star by the fans or even within the company itself. But despite all this he is still a constant on the weekly shows and love him or hate him, his segments in the show are the most entertaining. His time in the WWE has been excellent but the WWE shouldn't write The Miz off just yet, as this writer believes his has a lot more to offer to the company and could be used to put over young stars, and a way in which to test the waters with a lot less experienced ones.

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