Shane McMahon Returns To Face The Undertaker At WrestleMania
He's back... Photo: What Culture

Following Fast Lane the WWE had a lot of work to do to regain the fans interest in this years WrestleMania which is now only weeks away, and they pulled out a major surprise to kick start RAW this week, showing that they are going to pull out all the stops for the show of immortals. 

Shane McMahon made a surprise return to the WWE to confront both his father and sister, dropping the bombshell that he cut a deal with Vince McMahon which means he still has a stake in the company, which he is now back to claim, but there is one catch....

If Shane O'Mac wants to take control of Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis he must have one match, at one place, against an opponent of his fathers choosing. 

The location - WrestleMania 32 

The match- Hell in a Cell 

The opponent- The Undertaker

Here Comes The Money 

Before Stephanie McMahon could begin her acceptance speech for winning the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award, the famous theme song hit and the crowd erupted in one of the biggest pops in a long time, and out came Shane strutting and dancing as he soaked in the reaction to his return. 

He hasn't been seen on WWE television since 2010 when he left the company to pursue his own personal business ventures, and it was clear that the WWE Universe had missed him, and the smile on his face showed that he'd missed them just as much, the fact that there had been no rumors of his return made the whole moment even more special, as it was a rare genuine shock to the system for fans.

Family troubles. Photo: Youtube
Family troubles. Photo: Youtube

McMahon has returned to rid the WWE of The Authority, something that fans have been wanting for a long time now, and now the possibility has arisen again and fans are desperate to see McMahon succeed, but there is a Deadman in his way... 

WrestleMania Plans 

Ever since John Cena's injury people have been speculating who The Undertaker would face at this years WrestleMania and a whole host of names from Kevin Owens to Braun Strowman have been mentioned, but no one gave a second thought to the possibility that it would be Shane McMahon stepping into the ring with the Phenom in April.

But that is the exact position wrestling fans find themselves in, as the Chairman of the company has hand picked the man with the greatest streak in 'Mania history to face his own son, with the control of RAW on the line. 

What kind of shape will both men will be in, is a question that is ringing in many fans heads, as two part time wrestlers, one of which was never a real wrestler to begin with do battle in one of the main event matches, at the biggest night of the year, but throwing the stipulation of Hell in a Cell should allow them both to pass through the match easily, with big spots allowing time for rest.

After all, Undertakers last match inside the cell was very impressive, but that isn't the only concern. Fans have questioned why Taker would be going against Shane in this situation, as a baby face the WWE Universe would expect him to want The Authority to be destroyed, but we are only one promo into this story, time will tell and all will (hopefully) be explained. 

For now, we have a fresh match between two of the most popular superstars in WWE history with something important on the line, the stakes are high and the stipulation grand, the WWE has fans interest, now can they keep it. But regardless of whether they manage to make this situation work, it certainly is great to see Shane McMahon, back where he belongs.