News on AJ Styles - John Cena and why their feud must culminate at SummerSlam
AJ Styles vs John Cena could be the feud of the summer (Photo:

News on AJ Styles - John Cena and why their feud must culminate at SummerSlam

When will we see the face of WWE John Cena take on the former face of TNA AJ Styles?

James Rutherford

The return of John Cena on Raw was not a happy one for the 15-time world champion after being attacked by AJ Styles, who reunited with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to reform The Club.

The heel turn from Styles sets up one of the most interesting in feuds in WWE today, with the face of WWE going head-to-head with the former poster boy for WWE's closest rival, TNA.

With Money In The Bank right around the corner, will we see two titans of the wrestling industry get it on in Las Vegas?

When will we see Styles - Cena?

With Styles losing his Money in the Bank qualifier to Kevin Owens, and Cena making no reference to the ladder match during his promo on Monday, it seems logical that the two are going to square up on 19 June.

Vince McMahon wanted to have Styles and Cena feud as soon as possible after The Phenomenal One debuted at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Monday presented the first opportunity for the two to cross paths (excluding WrestleMania 32), and it was clear to see why McMahon was so keen for the two to face off against each other.

The WWE Universe erupted when Styles stepped into the ring with Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Respect, and the Green Bay crowd chanted "Let's go Cena" and "AJ Styles" ferociously, and this was even before Styles laid out Cena.

Although the feud has begun between Cena and Styles/The Club, some people backstage are urging McMahon to slow the feud down, allowing the two to build towards a blockbuster match at this year's SummerSlam.

What role will Gallows and Anderson play in this feud? (Photo:
What role will Gallows and Anderson play in this feud? (Photo:

How will the Cenation - The Club play out?

Unless things change, it looks as though Cena and Styles are on a collision course to Money in the Bank. The question remains, can WWE drag this feud out over the summer, allowing it to culminate at SummerSlam?

The answer is yes, here is how they can do it. 

WWE have two events before SummerSlam: Money in the Bank and Battleground. This means we should see AJ and Cena exchange victories over the next two pay-per-views, with the impending rubber match taking place at the Barclays Centre on 21 August.

Just like Owens did with Cena last year, Styles must take the first victory against Cena in what we can expect to be the match of the night. One month later, have Cena level the score at 1-1, leading to a decisive match at SummerSlam. This should have a big fight feel, a match worthy of WrestleMania. 

Before their final encounter, tension should begin to build up between Styles, Anderson, and Gallows.

All this can lead to the debut of Finn Balor. The man who created The Bullet Club should help Styles win the match, before turning on him and taking over The Club. 

This would mean AJ wins the feud, goes straight into a new rivalry and we finally see the main roster debut of Finn Balor.

AJ Styles - John Cena is a huge match and must be treated as such. This could be the rivalry of the summer.