Russell Westbrook Breaks Record for Most Career Triple Doubles
via: NBA / Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards point guard, Russell Westbrook, made history once again. 

He broke the great Oscar Robertson's NBA record for most career triple-doubles.

The Hall of Famer's record was one that people didn't think could be broken. 47 years later Westbrook has done just that.

He reached 182 career triple-doubles against the Atlanta Hawks. Westbrook had 28 points, 13 rebounds, and 21 assists. 

On making history Westbrook said: "It's just a blessing. You know you put so much into the game, put so much time, you sacrifice so much. 

"To be able to just be mentioned with guys like Oscar, Magic, Jason Kidd, and those guys is just something that I never dreamt about as a young kid growing up in LA."

The nine-time All-Star also added "Normally I don't like to pat myself on the back, but tonight I will.

"Just because I'm so great for the ones before me and so blessed and thankful for the man above for allowing me to go out and do what I do."

Westbrook isn't done making history there, he is set to average a triple-double across a whole season for the fourth time. 

He is averaging 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds, and 11.7 assists.