Roberta Vinci On Her Relationship With Serena Williams And Life In The WTA Locker Room

Roberta Vinci caused one of the upsets of the 2015 season, when she defeated the world number one Serena Williams at the US Open. In a recent interview, the Italian talked about her relationship with Williams since then.

Vinci On Her Relationship With Williams

When questioned on whether she has talked to Williams since the US Open, Vinci proceeded to talk about an event that occurred during the Australian Open. Vinci said that although she did not meet Williams before the Australian Open, she did have an encounter with her.

Talking about the encounter, the world number 16 said, "She squeezed past me and I said it's her." Vinci then told the interviewer that she became tense and thought, "She will slap me with her right hand."

From here, Vinci proceeded to say that Williams did not recognize her at that time. The Italian also told the interviewer that she said hello to the world number one, who then "had a little smile like a serial killer." The Italian then told the interviewer she felt like Williams hated her.

After talking about the encounter with Williams, the Italian asked people to stop talking about the world number one when they see her,  "stop (speaking) about Williams. Every time someone sees me, asks: And Williams? Now it's too much."

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Life In The Locker Room

The interview quickly switched from Williams to what it is like in the WTA locker room. One of the questions that the Italian faced was whether the players have a village or stay in different place during the tournaments. In response to this, the world number 16 answered "No we are all in the same locker room apart from at Wimbledon where the nicest locker room is reserved to the top 16 players in the world."

When asked if she has a best friend on tour, Vinci said that most players are easy to talk to apart from the top players, "As for the top players, it's difficult to speak to them, they hardly wave at you, while with the others, everything is okay." Vinci then went on to clarify who she meant when she said top players, naming Williams, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka as examples.

During the interview, Vinci talked about what the WTA locker rooms is like. Comparing the locker room to a circus, the world number 16 explained that there is a range of activities that occur within the locker room. Vinci said that whilst she was waiting for one of her matches in Melbourne she saw a range of activities occurring. Giving examples of the activities that go on in the locker room, the world number 16 said "in that locker room, people, who wore makeup, people, who took selfies, people, who were walking nude, people with phones in their hands before having a shower. Then they started trying on clothes... it looked like it was a circus."