Guardiola sees bright Manchester City future in intricate goal after win over Hull

Pep Guardiola was pleased with his side's performance after Manchester City's 3-1 victory over Hull City on Saturday afternoon, pointing to their second goal as proof of this season's progress.

Every player on the home team was involved in the buildup before Sergio Aguero bundled a scrappy finish over the line, and Guardiola held it up as an example of the way he likes to see football played.

City's second gives Guardiola hope

"The second goal is a good example of the team we want to be," the Spaniard said after the game. "After four games without winning, this was important.

"I don't like defenders to just defend, strikers to just score a goal. I don't like this kind of football. I like everybody to be involved, and defending is the same.

"We tried the high pressing from the beginning, we built up and built up and we tried to have everybody involved in the play. In the second goal, that is what happened."

Most of the threat from both sides in the first half came on the counter and Guardiola noted that his attackers looked dangerous in this respect, but that it is not necessarily the way he wants to move forward.

"This season we have been a dangerous team on the counter attack, playing with short counter attacks. But I would like in the future for us to play more in the way of that second goal."

Guardiola predicts final-day drama

With Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool both also recording wins on Saturday, the top four appear to be pulling away from Arsenal and Manchester United.

However, Guardiola maintained his feeling that the race for Champions League qualification will go right down to the wire.

"Manchester United have an extra game, Arsenal have two extra games. I am pretty sure it will go to the end [of the season]."