Russia squad announced for UEFA Women's Euro 2017
Credit: Women Russia| Twitter

The Russian squad for the UEFA Women's Euro 2017 has been announced with few surprised. It is a young set-up with the entire selection made up of Russian-based footballers. Manager Elena Fomina will try to improve on Russia's weak history in this competition.

Russia have never reached the knockout stage

It will be the seventh European championship for the Russian team. In its first participation in the 1993 edition, the team reached the quarterfinals and did not qualify for the final stage held in Italy, as in 1995, not qualifying for the final stage that occurred in Germany. In both disputes, the team was eliminated by Germany.

In 1997 and 2001, the Russian team reached the final stage of the competition, held in Norway/Sweden and Germany respectively. In both editions, they were eliminated in the group stage. After an absence in 2005 in England, Russia played the 2009 tournament (Finland) and 2013 (Sweden), being eliminated in the group stage both times.

The final list: Only athletes who play in Russia

The squad is made up of only Russian-based footballers with Riazan the most prolific club, seeing six of their players represent Russia at the Euros.

Goalkeepers: Alena Belyaeva (Chertanovo), Tatiana Shcherbak (Kubanochka Krasnodar), Elizabeth Shcherbakova (Rossiyanka)

Defenders: Anna Belomyttseva (VDV Riazan), Darya Makarenko (VDV Riazan), Elena Medved (VDV Riazan), Tatiana Sheykina (VDV Riazan), Elvira Ziyastinova (CSKA Moscú), Anna Kozhnikova (CSKA Moscú), Ekaterina Morozova (Chertanovo),Natalia Solodkaya (Kubanochka Krasnodar)

Midfielders: Marina Kiskonen (Chertanovo), Margarita Chernomyrdin (Chertanovo), Elena Morozova (Kubanochka Krasnodar), Catherine Pantyukhina (Star 2005 Perm), Anastasia Pozdeyeva (Star 2005 Perm), Nadezhda Smirnova (CSKA Moscow), Ekaterina Sochneva (CSKA Moscú), Anna Cholovyaga (CSKA Moscú), Marina Fedorova (VDV Riazan)

Forwards: Nasib Hasanov (Kubanochka Krasnodar), Elena Danilova (VDV Riazan), Nadezhda Karpova (Chertanovo).

Russia will play in Group B of UEFA Women's Euro 2017, starting on 17 July against Italy (Rotterdam) with games on July 21 against Sweden (Deventer) and Germany on July 25 (Utrecht).