London derby win 'More than life or death' for Emma Hayes
Photo by Edward Payne/VAVEL Images

After Emma Hayes' team took crucial three points from Joe Montemurro's side, she put more importance on a derby win than the WSL title race. 

Chelsea put on a brilliant display at Meadow Park, beating their title rivals 4-1 in front of a sellout crowd. 

Montemurro is disappointed in the result, but is confident his team will get their winning mentality back after this setback. 

  • Emma Hayes' thoughts

"We play for the badge; we play for our football club and our club means everything to our dressing room, so this is rivalry game and it matters. You’re absolutely right that it’s not a matter of life or death, it’s far more than that," speaking to media post match. 

"There’s no gloating, there’s no over the top reaction and nor should there be. This is three points and that’s it.

"Yeah that’s nice (beating Arsenal twice in the league), but we still didn’t beat Brighton away and we still didn’t beat Liverpool away. Perhaps we could’ve been further away, but we’re not."

When asked if winning gives her side an advantage: "No because we’re not first. Once we get in the first position then it’s advantage us."

On Sophie Ingle's stunner: "I don’t know what she had for breakfast this morning; I rarely seen that in training from her. She is such a good player, so clever and such a great leader. I’ve said it before team GB should be building around Sophie Ingle"

  • What Joe Montemurro said 

When asked about the set up: "We decided to not play with a lot of width, we decided to pay with a lot of inside to outside movement and it didn’t work.

"(We wanted) To press a little bit higher, to stop them playing through the middle and give us more load in the middle of the park. It didn’t work and I take responsibility.

"It’s always hard sitting back and seeing a powerful team putting us under a lot of pressure and creating chances. The disappointing thing is that we couldn’t even get the ball into play, we couldn’t even get a pass together and it’s something that I haven’t seen in my two and a bit years here.

"This is an amazing team and an amazing set of players. They’re allowed to slip up every once in a while, they’re allowed to make mistakes. Historically this team is always one to come back and be there, we just need to keep it together and make sure we go through to the end.

"It’s a setback, probably the biggest setback in my two and bit years here. We review, we see, we get the energy levels up and we get the frame of mind there again and we keep going. This team is resilient and won’t give up."

  • Sophie Ingle's thoughts 

"It was massive for us, going three nil up that early on is quite phenomenal against a great Arsenal team

"I’m just glad we started well, in past games we started out sluggish the first five, ten minutes but today we actually went out. When we got the ball we were good in possession and had quality passes getting players into the box like Sam and Beth, they’re a great threat."

If it's frustrating to beat Arsenal but draw against Liverpool and Brighton: "It is a bit frustrating. But teams like Liverpool and Brighton set up a bit differently and it’s hard to break down and it’s not as easy as people think on the outside.

"When they put eleven players behind the ball it’s different to when you’re playing Arsenal when they’re coming out at you. We need to be better against those types of teams, but all that matters is that we got the three points and now we’re back in the title race."